IGN are Misogynistic Pricks

"Girls, meat, what’s the difference? There is none as far as IGN, and their 2010 Gamer Girl Gift Guide author Chris Carle are concerned."

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scar203496d ago

Any moment we are gonna see kids saying but they should be in the kitchen making me a sandwich not playing video games lol stupid little kids.

deadreckoning6663496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Sandwiches taste better when prepared and served by a woman, preferably a hot one....fact.

"IGN, misogynistic rapist-encouragers, forcing women to get their tits out or shut the fuck up since 1996.


Rapist-encouragers?! ROFL...I gotta use that one. But on the real... alot of the journalists on IGN ARE misogynistic pricks.

Close_Second3496d ago

"Sandwiches taste better when prepared and served by a woman, preferably a hot one....fact"

Do your knuckles bleed when you walk?

I personally don't give a $hit who makes/serves the sandwich as long as the service is polite and I'm getting value for money. Could not give a damn if the person serving is considered "hot" if it means I'm having to pay a premium for the product.

DERKADER3496d ago

What, sexy women are being used to sell products? Well I never.

Cheeseknight283496d ago

In other news, an unknown blog is bashing a well-known and respected website.

And to do this, they use a picture off of 4chan. Oh, the irony.

FACTUAL evidence3496d ago

lmao....everyone hating IGN after GT5. I won't say everyone, but I would say after Heavenly sword....maybe not. Anywa, everyone will love them again when Uncharted 3 gets 11/10 from ign lmao..

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Nitrowolf23496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

i enjoyed this read whilewaiting for LBP2 beta to finish DL, and agree with the author. It's not just gaming in general it's the whole world of media. The thing is, the frustration is coming from that. They do make a valid point about this whole "you own her". Thats how the media works, it's all about selling to them, even if it means doing stuff like this. This gives people a bad look. Even for Male gamers, when presented in the media they are usually over weight, nasty hair, and/or have glasses (though this is changing).

Kind of find it funny it's coming from a dude, but then again this guy who wrote this
how the F does he review games????

Cevapi883496d ago

i just commented on that thread actually...the fact that they think people will care about the products when all the sex appeal is being thrown at them defeats the purpose of advertising the products

and who says that girls will like these things...if you have a good girl by your side, you dont need a site to tell you what will make her happy...every guy should already know what makes his girl smile and if shes a gamer, then theres even more incentive to find something that will make her and YOU happy as win situation

wardrox3496d ago

The site used to be called "Negative Gamer", and used a negative reviewing score :)

IGN are large enough that if they actually respected women, they could make a noticeable difference.

wuerflein3496d ago

I see what you did there...

Goldsack3496d ago

Stupid as hell these IGN turds.

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