Melonie Mac: ilomilo review

Undeniably one of the cutest games out there, but beyond its charming appearance, does this game have more to offer? Reviewed by Melonie Mac.

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thevokillist3493d ago

Great review. I enjoyed reading it, and honestly never heard of the title before today. Looks fun! I'll have to pick this one up!

MelonieMac3493d ago

Yes, it's a really cute game! I love it!

Yi-Long3492d ago

... been playing it ever since it came out, and I love it!

Together with Super Meat Boy, it's the best game that came out on XBLA this year!

Ninferno3493d ago

Can't wait for it to come out. I wonder how you pronounce it... "eel-low" "meel-low"?

MelonieMac3493d ago

haha, the i is long. iyly mylo. Kinda :p

Yi-Long3492d ago

... is the only correct way. It says so on the official site.

Convas3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Huh strange, I always pronounced it Eye-Low-Meeh-Low

GameOn3492d ago

Its kinda already out. If you really cant wait, go find out how to get it now.

ProjectSleep3493d ago

Great review, I saw this featured in the latest Game Informer and wanted to look up more info.

GenericUserName3492d ago

Nobody's in here crying about the score?? What on earth is going on? Did something happen while I was asleep? *checks tag* oh...oh OH! It's not a ps3 exclusive, xbox fans don't think the world is after them. A review is an opinion and not a death sentence.

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