IGN: Why We Need Shadow Complex 2

It's only been a few days since Chair Entertainment released the awesome iPhone game Infinity Blade, but already IGN's thoughts are on what the small development studio should work on next. If Chair doesn't invest its time in a Shadow Complex sequel, they'll be disappointed.

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Masamori Sumimura2870d ago

Shadow COmplex 2 would be extra sweet.

GenericUserName2870d ago

It's coming. However it'll be disc based and more fleshed out. You heard it here 1st

Lou-Cipher2870d ago

The 360 needs anything as long as it's not another garbage Kinect title.

Serjikal_Strike2870d ago

true...not much going on in the land of Microsoft!

WildArmed2870d ago

I rather have them work on Gears 3 :D

But loved the first one.
It reminded me of Nathan drake in MGS universe wearing/being cyborg-tized like raiden D:

Chuk52870d ago

It's the best successor to a Castletroid game in years. A sequel only makes sense.