Sega interview - Producer of 3D Virtua Tennis 4

We're massively excited about Sega's forthcoming Virtua Tennis 4, not least because it is the first in the mighty VT series from Sega that will make use of both 3D and Move motion control on the PlayStation 3.

As such, we recently caught up with the game's producer, Mie Kumagai, who – since joining Sega back in 1993 – has been the creative force behind some of Sega's most successful and best loved video and arcade games to find out more...

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Joni-Ice2872d ago

Cant wait for this. Day one for me. My deadline to get a 3d tv is the release date for KZ3.

btk2872d ago

And the XB360 with the wonderfully accurate Kinect can't wait also for Virtua Tennis with motion controls...

Oh wait...

Could it be that Kinect *lags* behind Move in accuracy?