Five free XBLA downloads

It is rare that gamers can find anything for free on Xbox LIVE these days yet there are actually several free Xbox Live Arcade games available for download including two games that were released just yesterday. Here is a list of five free downloads that can be found under the Arcade category of the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

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L0G1C2869d ago

Pinball FX 2 just seems like a trial game, then.
Destination: Arcade is not a game.

Xander7562869d ago

Well you can play for hours and hours on just the "trial" version so it's a lot more than that.

Skizelli2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Regarding Pinball FX 2, if you've purchased the first game, all the tables, including the DLC ones you bought, will be ported over to Pinball FX 2 (Core) for free. Not only does PFX2 have a new physics engine, but it also makes your PFX1 tables look a hell of a lot better. It's worth the transition.

Xander7562869d ago

Woah that is cool, I did not know that.

L4DRocks2869d ago

There is another game called "Dash Of Destruction" on XBLA that is free and pretty fun.

andron2869d ago

It's fun for 5 mins. Easy achievements though...

Xander7562869d ago

As mentioned in the first paragraph, that game was taken off the Marketplace.

Capdastaro2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Xbox                   Free?

Sorry I tried to put them next to each other but its like putting 2 positive magnets next to each other

Xbox fee

That worked okay.

poopface12869d ago

two things that go together pretty good.

Eiffel2869d ago


Not to be a fanboy or anything but last time I checked on my PS3, the Playstation Store has no free PSN games.

Xbox Live currently has four available.

xstation792869d ago

Wow I think I'm going to find another gaming site for my news, this one has got way too many insecure gay sony fanboys on it.

Perjoss2869d ago

that's like walking into a sauna and saying "wow, its hot in here"

multipayer2869d ago

You're pretty insecure, if you think 2 dorito advertisements and a couple trials with hooks is a great thing. The only notable one was Aegis Wings, and I've had it for years...

ChristianGamer2869d ago

Struggling to figure out how that makes anybody insecure...gullible maybe, naive, ok...but insecure? Me thinks somebody needs to take a good hard look at The Good Book today. . .the dictionary

multipayer2869d ago

Going to newgrounds for 5 minutes would be more fun than this list, you don't need to be a fanboy to see that. He is no more secure, than you and your relationship with god.

ChristianGamer2869d ago

Free is free...i do love me some free stuff

DarnTruth2868d ago

I love free stuff! But then again, dirt is free. Aegis Wing was fun for awhile when i played it 2 years ago.

They forgot Totemball lol. Or is that game not there anymore?

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