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Serjikal_Strike2872d ago

For what will be a GREAT game=)

zootang2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Just for people unaware: Uncharted 3D confimed by the PS blog a while back

Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 in 3D! I'm going to have to buy a 3D TV now.

WhittO2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Bit early for boxart like lol.

Liked the new Naughty Dog logo in the teaser though, like how they always change it every game - like the frost logo with uncharted 2 etc.

Edit: lies, where is the boxart? It is just a logo.

Game-ur2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

"Arabian Peninsula and the vast wasteland of the Rub’al Khali Desert"

Drake is coming to my home.

This desert is really empty, nomads don’t cross it but go around it, the name translates to "empty quarter", and till this day, it's hard to traverse and many who try die in it.

“Iram of the Pillars”, Is an ancient city said to be buried in the sands there, from the title it may sound like a city with long pillars, but we know of it as a city with long large tall buildings that look like pillars for the travelers from long distance, kind of like skyscrapers today.

-Alpha2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

From comment below, this is apparently the placeholder boxart:

Info on the setting:

He looks so sexy! Lol His look has evolved so well from UC1

Looks so much better than UC2 and UC1's boxart.

We started with an epic train in UC2, and we had the boxart of Drake hanging from the ledge in the first Chapter. I imagine UC3 will start with an epic PLANE CRASH!!!

Imagine hurling down to the Desert and trying to escape a plane! OMG!

Also, love the title "drake's Deception" Feels proper when you consider the settings involve the illusions of the desert/ancient Egypt

Any theories on what the title refers to? I'm assuming it DOESN'T have to do with Drake betraying his friends as some people are suggesting, but I think the story will revolve around Drake having to be sly with his oppositions in finding the city/treasure. He is a thief after all

Man I'm so excited for Saturday

Convas2872d ago

Guys ... guys, I'm just as excited, maybe more than you (Check my Forum signature XD)

But to call another dude sexy ... haha, that's a bit much. LOL.

WhittO2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Boxart looks good, have to say U2 was better though, but this still looks totally different and original, no great either way.

They have different boxarts anyway usually for europe.

Also, does this mean Resistance 3 will be launching against/close to Uncharted 3 late next year?
Soo many games out next year!! :D AHHHH I CANT WAIT!!

Looking forward to Infamous 2, Killzone 3, Resistance 3 (can't wait for) AND Uncharted 3!!?? (prob fav series) AANNNNDDD maybe Starhawk ?!?!?!? (Loved Warhawk, prob one of fav ps3 titles overall).

Too much in 1 year haha. Never mind all of the other games I plan on getting - like Dead Space 2/Motorstorm 3 etc.

-Alpha2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Would it help if I said "No Homo"? :P

Come on, look at how chiseled his face looks! Look at that bad-ass beard he is beginning to grow!


He looks a lot more grown up and I think it is better than the boyish Drake from UC1. He's a MAN! Lol

2872d ago
fedex6822872d ago


You are welcome...More the people see it the better :-)

Mr Tretton2872d ago

alpha male, are you a girl? You act like one.

WhittO2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

^^ It's only natural he would grow up and begin to look aged lol, it adds to the story and makes the characters more believable/real and not invincible/don't age characters that reset every game.

The question is, how long after U2 does this take place and what other characters are going to be in it.

smittyjerkins2872d ago


Damn, that's some good box art!

jwatt2872d ago

Nice first Transformers 3 teaser now Uncharted 3.

NecrumSlavery2872d ago

Thank God this game is coming out next year. I pray that Marky Marks film will not turn people off to this game. I want it to succeed and get newer gameres into this amazing series.

NoBias2872d ago

Looks like Drake threw on a few pounds in the face haha -

He's got time to lose it though.

JBaby3432872d ago

Completely blown away by this. I loved what they did with UC2 after platinuming (is that a word?) UC. This continues in the same vein as the first two and the subtitle is epic. Great pictures and the trailer gives me goosebumps. Drake is my favorite character this gen and is becoming one of the greatest of all time.

Thanks to everyone especially game-ur for the the info and analysis. I can't wait for more in-depth information on this game.

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jahcure2872d ago

wtf...check those screens....judging by past games these are all ingame i assume

cyborg2872d ago

However, the boxart is only a placeholder. I just confirmed with SOny.

SnuggleBandit2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Where are the screens? All I can see is the logo :(

@lol king

Those both have the concept artist's signature on them...definitely not a screenshot.

MAJ0R2872d ago

I think both of those are concept art

NeoBasch2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Did they remove the screens? I can't see any. Would someone kindly link us to the screens they're talking about.

By the way, the placeholder box is full of win!

@ the_only_lol_king
Both of those are concept. You can tell by the shading on the character.

vsr2872d ago

Unified GOTY 2011.

Console war officially will end in 2011 worldwide.

NBT912871d ago


Just like it was supposed to end with GT5?

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-Alpha2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

But where is the boxart? I cant find it


Holy crap that's so much better than the first two boxarts! Hope it's real. That is so badass lol. Love the idea of a lost sand city, Egypt, mummies, puzzles, omg I'm so excited!

Still can't believe it's real, just looking at that "#3" next to the name "uncharted"

Edit: Are those shots in-game? :O can't be!

cyborg2872d ago

Here's the boxart but it's a placeholder. I called sony pr to confirm.

Andnnn YES, those are in-game shots :D

jahcure2872d ago

that boxart is badass enough!! LOL

one of the best i've seen

TheBlackSmoke2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Something about drakes face

edit: @Explosionsauce

I think its his nose, It seems smaller and narrow and his eyes look kinda beady.

Oh and Im not worried for a sec, Naughty Dog will NOT fail us in anyway shape or form. I cant wait :D

jahcure2872d ago

he looks like drake, just with more hair...

Szarky2872d ago

it's not the face that's off... it's his hair. it looks like he just was at the salon for an hour. Doesn't looky scruffy, looks "pretty".

ExplosionSauce2872d ago

It may he his jawline. I wouldn't worry about it though.

sickbird2872d ago

@cyborg, hahaha who the hell calls sony?

PinkFunk2872d ago

Man this is pretty crazy to wake up to. Do we love this a bit too much? Surely not...

It's not an in-game screen, it's concept art. It's fairly obvious.

RevXM2872d ago

Those are fixed screens for sure, but I hope ND can pull of these visuals.

That would be sweet, but U2 is hard to top and I would love U3 even if they didnt change too much on the visuals.

U2 is a masterpiece.

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DoomeDx2872d ago


It says 3D on the game box!!

MAJ0R2872d ago

I wonder how big of a graphics leap this is gona be

King_many_layers2872d ago

probably not that big until nearer release.. just remember the jump between UC2 reveal trailer to what was shown at E3.

Huge difference to the character models and quite some to environments.

fedex6822872d ago

The game is up on Amazon with some snapshots

Christopher2872d ago

***Uncharted 3 logo, boxart and screenshots revealed***

Where's the boxart? The screenshots?

I'm confused, how did this get approved when the titles don't even match up?

thugbob2872d ago

Drake is the face of the PS3... wait no it's sackboy, no it's Kratos, wait I'm CONFUSED!!! D;

Uncharted GOTY 2011. Gears, KZ, FF, LBP, Last Gardian, have all lost the award.

2011= Year of the PS3

BrianB2872d ago

opersonally i think GEOW 3 will be better,

2872d ago
ExplosionSauce2872d ago

Do you even know anything about the game.

JBaby3432872d ago

While you're certainly entitled to your opinion, judging from the stories, character development, graphics, and my overall fun with the previous two games in each series I have to disagree with you.

DigitalRaptor2872d ago

Well you would think it's gonna be better since you're a 360 troll, and probably don't plan to ever play the game.

Credit, where credit is due man... c'mon!

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--Onilink--2872d ago

they should have included mark walhberg in the box art, lol.... just kidding

nsnsmj2872d ago

This is a great day. I wake up to an Uncharted 3 announcement!!

sp1deynut2872d ago

I awoke from my slumber with morning lumber. ;)

gamerzBEreal172872d ago

its only missing one move support

JBaby3432872d ago

While I have nothing against the move I really hope they don't go that route. Not every game needs to be move enabled and I hope they don't waste any resources putting move support in it. Keep it as is and put all the programming know-how and time into the game itself. 3D support is more than enough for me. Who doesn't like using DS3?

phatak2872d ago

whose winning goty next year? lbp 2, nah its gonna be kz3, actually its resistance 3, no way its agent, shut up its the last guardian, screw u its ratchet and clank all 4 one, hell no its motorstorm apocalypse, its yakuza 4 , u crazy its my man jaffes twisted metal,its my shooter socom 4,what about infamous 2? actually its the king of kings uncharted 3 baby!!!!

Squall50052871d ago

Sony seems to be dominating the hottest news section today.

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ForzaGT2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

bring it on, they should make a theme out of this

cyborg2872d ago

I seriously can't wait for the first trailer of the game. This is gonna kickass and then some

mantisimo2872d ago

I just licked my screen. that wrong?

2872d ago
Crystallis2872d ago

The Trailer this Saturday night will be so Epic. I need my Uncharted fix.

mrv3212872d ago

Imagine if they show the trailer and just as the

'It's faked' posts start to come out they do a live stream OF THE GAME.

mrv3212872d ago

I bet there's a scene ( not a cutscene ) where your fighting in that plane as it's loosing altitude and control.

PS360PCROCKS2872d ago

if i was a betting man that's one bet i wouldn't take on...

Crystallis2872d ago

That would be just awesome. I can only imagine the cinematic scenes they will have in this game. Sends chills up my spine.

mrv3212872d ago

That's one thing about Uncharted 2, instead of showing some prescripted AWESOME, you for the most part did the awesome.

The building falling down scene in most games would be a cutscene
The top of the hotel scene would be a cutscene
The van down the alley scene would be a cutscene
The climbing the TRAIN SCENE (IS THE GOD DAMN OPENING AND TUTORIAL) would be a cutscene

Get the idea? mind you the only idea you probably got was one to play Uncharted 2 again.

jerethdagryphon2871d ago

heh uncharted 4 drakes extended hospital visit hes gonna need it 2 planes and a train

Prcko2872d ago

it only does all awesomeeee!!!