Dara O’Briain Videogame Comedy Routine Airing Tonight

Irish comedian Dara O’Briain has long been known for his interest in videogames and videogaming as a hobby, having previously hosted the videogame BAFTA ceremonies and taking part in other public affairs. Tonight however, it seems as though things are likely to become a bit more public, as the comedian has revealed a broadcast of a videogame routine he performed will be aired on BBC One tonight.

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Lucreto2967d ago

That is my evening sorted.

kharma452967d ago

Have I Got News For You and then Live at the Apollo, good times :)

Lucreto2967d ago

I forgot about Have I Got News For You. No gaming for me tonight.

stuntman_mike2967d ago

have i got news, live at the apollo followed nicely by a new episode of haven. i must sky plus it lol.

Hayakuzima2967d ago

I love Dara O'Briain he's amazing

beeeffess2967d ago

Is he hosting or is he the guest?

kevco332967d ago

He's just gone off after the introduction. He's hosting, and it was great.

BBC iPlayer if you missed it...

stuntman_mike2967d ago

agree it was hilarious. also with what he explained he actually is a gamer and not a me-too.

Carl14122967d ago

That was hilarious, hahaha :)