PS3 Software Dominates November Sales In Germany

Germany is Europe’s 3rd largest gaming market, behind France and the UK. Every month the German trade organization BIU provides awards honoring the top selling video games in the country. Games that manage to sell between 100,000-200,000 copies are given the BIU Gold Award, sales ranging between 200,000-500,000 earn a Platinum and for those that make it to 500,000 or more they are granted with a special award.

During the month of November there were several major releases in Germany including Call of Duty: Black Ops, Gran Turismo 5 and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Which one took the top spot?

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TOO PAWNED3503d ago

Meh who cares and EU and JAP, lets be ignorant and just focus on USA since USA = world. /s

AntoineDcoolette3503d ago

That kind of sarcasm doesn't work unless someone else says something ignorant first -_-

rezzah3503d ago

Why wait for something ignorant to pop up when you can get your message out there first?

Who cares if its sarcasm.

ComboBreaker3502d ago

Let's act as if Germany = the World.

testerg353503d ago

Actually according to PS3 fans, there shouldn't even be articles likes this since its not World figures.

rezzah3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Not articles like this but articles from the US. Because im not sure if you can tell...but the mentality of many N4Gers think US = the World.

Its not the Fanboys but the general beleif that people think US is more important than the world itself.

poopface13503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

So sales from the USA, the largest videogame market in the world, should not be posted because it makes you butthurt. But smaller markets that you like the sales of matter.

when ever America sales come out you little girls cry, its not the world, but far smaller markets like this are important to you because it has good PS3 sales. LOL. Your reasoning is pathetic. noone but ps3 fanboys act like USA is the world. thats all I hear from people like you, "USA isnt the world" even when noone has ever acted like it was. Your just making excuses for your butthurt everytime NPD comes out, which I believe is today. LOL.

Im sure we will all hear from you later in NPD, "AMERICA IS NOT THE WORLD"

Face it, America is the biggest market in the world, and no matter how much you cry, it is far more important than Germany sales, which you seem to care about.

GERMANY IS NOT THE WORLD, CRY CRY CRY. thtas how you people sound in EVERY NPD article, only even stupider since America is a FAR LARGER MARKET THAN GERMANY.

So according to you, the only sales we should report is in the places where the ps3 is doing good. HAHAHAHHAAH

edit-- HAHHA rezzah, the mentality of people at n4g seems to be butthurt everytime NPD comes out. Ive never seen anyone suggest that America is the world, yet I hear hundreds of butthurt people like you in NPD articles saying "America is not the world." No one ever said it was, but since ps3 is getting demolished in America, you people would love not to see it. Too bad, America is the largest videogame market in the world, unlike Germany. If 360 was in the lead in Germany, all of you people would complain about this too. LOL.

I love you reasoning. AMerica sales should not be reported because its "not the world" and according to you, people think it is. Even if people did think that, which they dont, it wouldnt matter as they would be morons. no sales from America, because "its not the world" but sales from way smaller markets all around teh world are legit sales to be reported, al long as it shows the PS3 doing good.

zootang3503d ago


Nielsen research reveals US ranks third behind Asia and EU in consumer spending on software; 31 percent of Europeans 16-49 in primary regions actively game.

rezzah3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Well Miss.Poo, I never mentioned anything about my hate towards the US market. Just saying the truth of how many people on this website think.

The world is filled with misunderstandings, misjudgements, conflict of opinions. It creates chaos. In your case you disagree with my opinion and point your shyt stained finger at me to make yourself feel better about "your world"

here is my reply to all you bs:

Never said any related to the US should not be posted, nor do I beleive that.

Im not a girl o.o and I dont cry because of an article.

My reasoning is pathethic? Did you even read my comment? Or is it because you are adding your own perception of me to my comments and exaggerating what I say?...hmmm

finally you said something right *claps for you* "USA isnt the world" - thats my point, it isnt. So whats so wrong about the truth?

I dont even pay attention the NPD - last time I looked at it was probably 2 or 3 months ago. How about you? Must of be like yesterday. Right?

Alright, whats your point if America is the biggest market in the world. Still doesnt mean IT IS THE WORLD. Seriosuly how old are you?

Also no I dont care for Germanys sales, i was only pointing out that people generably beleive that the US is the world. And from the looks of it, it would seem that your own words prove that you beleive that US is the world. Funny.

Alright my conclusion:

You do not have to come out and say what you beleive. It can be easily read in your own words that you are one of those who think America = the world. As for me, I dont care one way or another. i just like to put the truth out there. And that is? Its the truth that people seemed to believe that this small survey wass trying to prove that Move is the popular choice in the entire world when its only for Germany....HEY did that last sound like something a person who only cares for small country sales rather than the US as a whole? I think not.

I look for the turth, and that mean Germany or any large or small country alone does not equal the world. But all together they do.

maybe you and I see the same way, that is if you actually do beleive that every country together equals the world and not your beloved America with its "epic" title (by you) "the largest videogame market in world".

poopface13503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Whatever guy. Its clear that you are one of the people who want to ignore the America NPD sales, and use the excuse "america is not the world" for your trolling when it come to NPD sales. Then you want to act like smaller markets are somehow more relevant because the PS3 is doing good there.

That guy said "Actually according to PS3 fans, there shouldn't even be articles likes this since its not World figures."

You said: "Not articles like this but articles from the US. Because im not sure if you can tell...but the mentality of many N4Gers think US = the World."

So you did say sales articles about the US sales shouldn't be written/approved. SUREEEE> I know why you like smaller countries sales articles, and not NPD. Noone thinks America is the world, but it gives you an excuse to make nonsensical comments. Even if there was a person who thought that, why would that mean we should stop having articles like this from the US?? Because you dont like the data?

Sorry, the US isnt the world, but it is by far the largest videogame market in the world and a large part of WW sales. Look it up if you dont believe me, its common knowledge.

I assume I will see you later in NPD telling everyone that "the US is not the world" and using that as your excuse to make stupid comments.

edit-- more spin from a guy saying consumer spending on software means the same as videogame market. NOPE. America is the largest videogame market. Meaning the most consoles, software, accessories and money spent on videogames than anywhere else in the world. Its common knowledge that America(US+Canada) is the largest single market in the video game industry.

rezzah3503d ago

LOL yea i did mess up, seems I was posting a lot in both articles at the same time so i mixed them up. Well Ill start over with this article and testerg35 comment in mind.

Whoa damn I completly forgot why i replied to him (Testerg). I remember now... He implies that when PS3 fan complains about articles they say its not the whole world but only a coountry. To be exact, what PS3 fans complain about is the comparison US to the world. No one looks at the small countries or even places like Japan itself.

This is why I said "Not articles like this (meaning articles about any smaller country) but articles from the US". I did not reply in order to state that Every other country other than US itself is important when it comes to sale. In my veiw the worlds sales = the worlds sales. Not germany or US = world sales.

Also the only thing clear to you is your preset conclusion of what you want me to be. No matter what I say to show you truth you will beleive it a lie because you already have a close mind to truth. Like is said in my other reply, I dont pay attention to sale numbers. I look at how people react to them (hence the US = world veiw of others).

"So you did say sales articles about the US sales shouldn't be written/approved."

Never said that. You did. You imply that this ^ is what I meant. But as I stated my reasoning above maybe you can see that you misunderstood me. Do not twist my words with what you (not I) beleive to be true.

"Sorry, the US isnt the world, but it is by far the largest videogame market in the world and a large part of WW sales."

No need to be sorry because that is what I already know before I even left a comment for anyone. But even being a large part of WW sales still does not make it the entire world sales. This is what Im talking about. US does not equal the world by itself. The US with every other country out there equals the world. Whats so hard to understand?

"I assume I will see you later in NPD telling everyone that "the US is not the world" and using that as your excuse to make stupid comments."

Assume all you want but like I said already the last time I ever looked at the NPD sales was many months ago. Good luck trying to find me =/ Also don't forget...assumptions make an ass out of people.

But from the looks of it it would appear that you beleive that the US = the world, based on how you praise US and Canada in being a large part of the WW sales...

testerg353502d ago

rezzah, actually when NPD numbers come out, 360 fans talk about how great its doing in the US. And since its NPD, it is about US numbers. PS3 fans will then jump in and say the US does not equal the world. See who brings up the world part...

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FrankDrebin3503d ago

Haha This is ridiculous! Germany? 3rd largest market in Europe? Is this what they have to report?

This article fails!

Christopher3503d ago

For me it's not about not caring about one region or another, but do we need to see it broken down by country so often just to create flamebait articles? All it leads to is "USA is not the world" and "Great, Germany PS3 controlled, what about US and UK where more games are sold?"


Look... Nows a good time to buy some stock in SONY if you get my drift... I recon that for the next 12 months Sony will Out sell the 360 And WII in terms of software... Not only that But I recon that If the WII 2 does not come out in 2012 at the soonest.. and the PS3 gets a price drop...The Ps3 will get within 20 million of the wii! Thats not bad for the "Last place console"

sleepy33503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

The same reason i don't care that NASCAR is in GT5. Its a pointless inclusion. Who the hell outside of the US cars about any stinking go round in a circle and not turn right NASCAR?

By the way, good to see the nazi's like black ops :)

punisher993503d ago

@sleepy3: Actually Nascar also have road courses as well and not just ovals.

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FLOWCity3503d ago

This is the second story about Germany today...

theafroman3503d ago

its germany...what about the US and EU you know the important ones.

BYE3503d ago

Are you dumb? Germany is EU.

theafroman3503d ago

i meant it as a joke im sorry if anyone got offended.

Prcko3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

fifa is awesome!

HuGi3503d ago

wonder how are they doing in France i have a feeling that BF is not doing good in france.

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