NZGamer: PlayTV Hands-on

NZGamer: "Announced in 2008 and expected shortly thereafter, Sony’s magical freeview box has been something other than timely. In 2008, there were no freeview HD recorders available - there weren’t even very many freeview HD tuners. In 2010, however, freeview recorders are relatively common place, both Sky and TelstraClear have HD recorders in the market, and most TVs come with built-in tuners. Is PlayTV still worth a place in our living rooms?"

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anh_duong3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

"But since you have to leave it on any time there’s shows you might want to record on, can’t really play games while recording " nzgamer..

strange comments:

- playtv turns the ps3 on automatically to record
- you can still play games and record no problems - not sure what problems nzgamer is having - maybe his upgraded hard drive is very fragmented??!!
- in recording the ps3 slim only uses around 75watts (less than your typical filament light bulb) so not that power hungry