EMEAA Weekly Chart Week Ending 04th Dec 2010

DS - 517,698 (+22%)
Wii - 510,719 (+28%)
PS3 - 344,780 (-4%)
360 - 265,992 (+13%)
PSP - 154,660 (+17%)
PS2 - 87,164 (+21%)


1 - Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) - 520,794
2 - Wii Sports (Wii) - 463,982
3 - Kinect Adventures! (X360) - 245,563
4 - Wii Party (Wii) - 235,595
5 - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (PS3) - 230,806

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Bigpappy2875d ago

Interesting. If this is true, 360 and wii sales increased across all EMEAA territories, and PS3 sale decrease. This is dispite good sales of GT5. Kinect is working wonders for M$ and Nintendo was offered the most new software releases along with attractive discounts. Sony should try some discounts abot now, if they want to ensure strong holiday numbers and keep that EMEAA lead.

That is, if these numbers are to be believed.

Clarence2875d ago

The PS3 came out a year and half later but has now taken the lead over the 360 in Europe I would think its M$ that should cut the price of the 360. Kincet working wonders, I think not. Kincet coming out in Europe did not affect the sales of the PS3 or the Wii. The numbers for the PS3 are probably higher.

Government Cheese2875d ago

Nuh uh, the numbers for the 360 are probably higher.

Bereaver2875d ago

Sigh..... Did you guys even look at the source? VGChartz.

Do you really think PS3 will be down when GT5 releases?

NecrumSlavery2875d ago

The only 360 title in the top 10 is a motion game. That is sad.

Heavy_Rain2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Yeah How can anyone resist the GOTY contender Kinect Sports. Truly only dedicated gamers like BigPappy understand how amazing kinect Sports is. Very happy for all x360 owners. May they get more amazing kinect games like Kinectimals and Kinect Sports. X360 has the most interesting games library this holiday season and in 2011 is going to sweep the show. And if rumours are true and if Kinect Fitness Complete is released then its game over for Sony. I envy you Bigpappy and other x360 gamers. You guys are truly blessed with the best console in the market

jneul2875d ago

you forgot the /s lol, but we know what you mean

Parapraxis2875d ago

Story quality? ---> WTF?
Like this website? ---> No

Vote added

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eagle212875d ago

At least they have the hardware order right. Everyone with a brain knows Nintendo and Sony run a worldwide operation and sell many more units than Microsoft weekly. :)

Bigpappy2875d ago

EMEAA is not the world. It does not include the largest market in the world or Japan. When you get NPD tomorrow and media creed numbers, you can do the approximate math.

TheBlackSmoke2875d ago

The approximate math will be the same like it is every month.

1.NPD will come out and show 360 is ahead by 100k

2.360 Fanboys will proclaim that the PS3 is doomed.

3.Japan numbers nullify the 100k

4.Europe numbers put PS3 over the top and shrink the gap for another month.

Sigh the whole NPD bragging event that takes place on here is getting old. The scenario never changes.

jneul2875d ago

yeah what you lot don't realise is npd != the world either

eagle212875d ago

I understand this is the EMEAA :)

ssj2875d ago

Looks like Kinect'll hit 3 million worldwide this week.

N4WAH2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

ssj I love your submission history.
It's either vgchartz or positive Kinect and MS articles and usually from small blog sites.

Yeah somehow I think your opinions should be taken with a grain of salt. Why do I get this feeling you are a part of vgchartz? If I am correct, guess the people that claim VGC is run by an MS fans is accurate.

etownone2875d ago

GT5 had little if no effect on consoles sales ...

eagle212875d ago

It had a nasty effect on 360 sales I see on that there

Newtype2875d ago

Why are people using them again?

Knushwood Butt2875d ago

The person that posted the article is one of the team from that site.

If you don't like them pushing their BS here, stop them from posting it..

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