New Brink Media Released

Recently, Splash Damage announced new Wallpapers depicting possible character outcomes from their rather expansive character customization within their anticipated Spring release of Brink.

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kdogdaddy2869d ago

Liking every bit of media they release for this innovative title. Really can't wait for the final spring release.

Losi2869d ago

Agreed. Some extreme character customization going on there!

bananasNmonkeys2869d ago

Does anyone know if Brink is making an appearance at the VGA's?

kdogdaddy2869d ago

Haven't heard or seen any mention.

bananasNmonkeys2869d ago

:( They really need to release a new batch of gameplay trailers before the end of the year.

kdogdaddy2869d ago

AGREED! Really aching for some more gameplay footage and information if we're going to be actually seeing an effective spring 2011' release.

Blaine2869d ago

1280x800! :) It's so rare that my laptop's resolution is available for wallpapers, I usually have to crop them myself.

Not that I'm going to use them... But it's a nice thought!

Really looking forward to the game though. Looks really interesting.

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