Homefront developer not worried about controversy

Homefront is a game that takes place ten minutes into the future, where America has been invaded by a united Korea. With a story that treads a thin line between fiction and reality, this is a game that's sure to court controversy. Kaos Studios general manager Dave Votypka, however, isn't very worried about the backlash.

"It seems inevitable that there will be some that may not agree with the events in the game, or don’t believe them. The thing that should be remembered here is that this is a work of fiction," he explains. "It’s not a prediction, there is no political statement being made, and it’s not a condemnation of any current day situation, country, or person; it’s simply a ‘what-if’ scenario.

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AKissFromDaddy3290d ago

Bring on the controversy Kaos.

CombineElite3290d ago

As a Veteran the story in Homefront would be more realistic if it was from the perspective of a Solder stationed in Korea who was fighting a united Korean army that was intent on destroying Japan. Now that's a very real scenario.

Korea invading the U.S., not saying it couldn't happen but Homefront trying to gain exposure from controversy with it's week tie in to current events is FOOLISH.

Hell even Crysis has a more realistic scenario involving Koreans than Homefront.

RoboRyan3290d ago

Agreed. It's a unique idea, I'll give them that, but sadly one that forces me to abandon any knowledge of world affairs or sensibility I may have. Ah well, I guess unrealistic scenarios are part of the appeal of games anyway.

AKissFromDaddy3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

But in the story, North and South Korea become unified in a future where the US economy enters a depression. In addition, war in the middle east halts oil supplies to America. On top of that, Japan joins the Korean Federation in Home Front's story.

However, right now, North Korea is the most militarized country in the world today, having the fourth largest army in the world as well, at about 1,106,000 armed personnel.

South Korea has the sixth largest army in the world.

I believe the writer(s) supporting Kaos Studios' setup for the downfall of the US and the uprise of a unified Korea is a perfect setting for the invasion of the America, thus , in my opinion, an amazing time and place to play a video game.

The link to the HF's story trailer is below as well.

RoboRyan3290d ago

They shouldn't be worried about the controversy. The 'they're on our land!' concept is what's going to sell copies amidst a ton of other generic FPS titles that nobody could care about.

sam22363290d ago

That's what the MoH devs said and look what happened with that game.

Give it about six months and the Koreans will be turned into aliens or something.