Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy gets a Proper World Map

While most websites online will be focusing on the fact that Final Fantasy VIII's absent father, army man and kinda-sorta hero Laguna Loire will be joining the fight in Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy, a closer look at the scan from this week's Jump reveals something new and interesting: a world map.

Below the introduction to Laguna in the magazine there's a box which says "Some sort of world map has appeared?!" - it shows screenshots of a traditional FF-looking world map and of Lightning, Kain and Tifa walking around the map.

The text tells us that the game will have a PS1-era style world map in full 3D where players can run around with a party of three characters of their choice, old-school style. There's no word in the magazine on how the world map feature will factor into the story. Closer inspection reveals that it's the world map from Final Fantasy I in its entirety, though it's unlikely that it'll feature Final Fantasy I locations you can enter.

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AP2869d ago

Wonder if the fact it's the FF1 map means there'll be other maps from the other games...

densai2869d ago

doubtful. this is square, remember ;)

AP2869d ago

Haha. True enough. It seems that this replaces the Chess Board from the first game.

ROB-OT2869d ago

I'd like this, always wondered how a FF10 or FF13 world map would be like.

borisfett2869d ago

Surprsing. More curious about exactly what purpose it has though.

Kurisu2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Ok, I wasn't interested in this game as I thought it would just be Dissidia with new characters. But this new element may bring a refreshing new take to the game!

AP2869d ago

Yeah, glad to see all-new features. Was worried this would just be lazy..

Greek God2869d ago

nr 13 overworld will be a small corridor

SnakeMustDie2869d ago

Haha I wonder how will they do it

Redempteur2869d ago

they just have to take grand pulse sections and that's it ..

the "corridor" aspect of FF13 is overratted

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The story is too old to be commented.