1-1-11, 33 Days and Counting

No, the date 1-11-11 doesn’t mark some kind of once ever century, astrological event. Nor does is it a date predicted by an ancient civilization that signals the end of the Internet.

January 11th 2011 is simply the day when Final Fantasy fans will finally be treated with long waited news regarding Square Enix’s next entries in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series during the Fabula Nova Crystallis press conference.Those games are Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

As the conference inches closer what can we expect to see in just over a month?

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Kurisu2962d ago

I am hoping for gameplay, character and story details, and hopefully a release date for at least ONE of the titles. But this is Square Enix, so who knows. They'll probably just release some more cookies to the media and be done with it :/

HOTA9X2962d ago

I just want a release date versus XIII!!