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Quagmire2960d ago

Can anyone tell me WHAT THE HELL is to the left of him? Is that a human or a chimera, which is getting burnt?

theonlylolking2960d ago

Its a chimera that is probably being burnt buy a fire or those chimera set themselves on fire and charge at you. Then they explode and anyone within 20 meters is caught on fire.

WhittO2960d ago

Site wont load for me, crappy Euro sites lol.

As for screens, I don't take much stock in these as the game is still a long way off, especially since the last 6 months are going to be dedicated to polishing and improving graphics, so I will judge then.

ExplosionSauce2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

I like the first pic too.
Don't know why, but I kinda like the colors.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2960d ago

Whoa, this game looks so f**king sweet. : ) Good times.

TheLastGuardian2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Wow! The game is looking great. Killzone might have better graphics but Resistance has a better art style. Art style is more important to me. This screen is my favorite.

mdkgod432960d ago

if that looks like a human to you then your blind

MariaHelFutura2960d ago

Looks like the dude from Crysis.

badz1492960d ago

Insomniac is the best!

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FACTUAL evidence2960d ago

My favorite shooter this gen...but graphics needs more polishing. *crosses fingers* hope it looks better in the final build.

Christopher2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )


Really? How so?

sickbird2960d ago

i agree with the graphics part, it doesn't look to be a major graphical upgrade to R2. Which i personally thought was pretty ugly/bland.

Trebius2960d ago

lol. How can you look at the 1st pic and say something like that? It's leaps ahead of R2, look at th elighting and the detail on the Chimera hopping onto the boat.

Petro892960d ago

Yeah, the graphics are poor for a PS3 game as this stage in its lifestyle.

There's no reason why it shouldn't look as good as Killzone 3.

Can't really expect much from a Resistance game though...

hobo512960d ago

honestly dont judge graphics based on screen, video is the only way. i remember seeing haze screen shots and the game graphically looked amazing, then i watched a vid and i was like wth just happend :S

ABizzel12960d ago

Graphics should not even be a concern at this point of time. It not coming out until Fall of 2011 at the earliest so they have plenty of time to pretty things up.

If it looks like this at E3 2011 then you should be concerned.

Bits-N-Kibbles2960d ago

Graphics are fine, it's not Killzone graphics but Resistance moves at a much faster pace. I think we need to see it in motion before judging graphics. Gameplay > graphics for Resistance 3. Lighting effects could look neat in motion. (that blue gun lights up a dark room and scares the shit out of you? I think so. I hope they keep the thrill/scare aspect)

Coffin872960d ago

Dude, you're talking about Insomiac games.
The guys who delivered Pixar-like ingame graphics with Ratchet & Clank.
Of course the graphics will kick ass. ;)
There is no other possibility.

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vhero2960d ago

Looks great cant wait for release.

Lord_Doggington2960d ago

gonna wait for something w/ a hud :/

Bits-N-Kibbles2960d ago

I love shooting their tubes causing them to overheat. Maybe that is what we are seeing? Or that Chimera just got owned by some fire.

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TheBossMan2960d ago

I assume I'd agree if I could see the damn things. POS site...

theonlylolking2960d ago

Why are the screens not that clear? and Why dont these graphics look as good as the gameinformer pics?

MerkinMax2960d ago

I'm wondering the same thing. Does anyone know what stage of development this is?

Christopher2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

The blurred elements in parts of the screenshots are due to lighting and depth of field.

The closer portions of the boat, for example, are blurrier since the focus is on the medium depth instead of the objects closest to you.

Pictures like this - http://www.insomniacgames.c... - utilize burst lighting in various areas, which, like real life will cause the forground to sharpen while the background blurs. This is how one's eyes naturally adjust to lighting, specifically flames and flame bursts.

Soldierone2960d ago

The images came from Insomniacs facebook page, so go there to see the orignal source of them....all they did was copy and paste them to their site.

DK_Kithuni_712960d ago

Me wont thes game NOW!!!

Resistance : Fall of Man is still on my top 5 list of PS3 games this gen. It was so good. Hell, it was great! Resistance 2 was good too but not great.

Looking forward to Resistance 3. Hopefully it will be epic.

ELite_Ghost2960d ago

they kinda rushed the 2nd one I think. now they're taking their time to perfection the game :)

Coffin872960d ago

The 2nd one was kind of a disappointment. No splitscreen-mode for the story.
Major freaking letdown for my brother and me.
But it's already confirmed for this one! =D Which is aweeeeesome!!!! =DD

(What a major fucking shame how little games support splitscreen this gen...)

smittyjerkins2960d ago

I liked the weapon wheel in the first one. After hearing the second one took out the weapon wheel, I decided not to get the game.

Please bring back the weapon wheel!

strickers2960d ago

The weapon wheel is back and thank god.The great thing about 1 was the way you could vary tactics by changing weapons.The 2nd game ruined this along with plenty of other things.

VsAssassin2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Yeah, the weapon wheel is coming back - thank goodness for that. I also like the life-bar system in R1. This makes you tread lightly as CoD style healing system for me seems overused and downright dumb. In all fairness, the CoD-style is very appropriate for this game since Chimera-infected soldiers heal. But yeah, like I said, it already overused!

sway__z2960d ago

I was happy away with Resistance 1, okay with Resistance 2...and i'm hoping R3 will put the franchise back on form, which kinda lost its way with the sequel. I'm a fan of insomniac, and Sony shows REAL commitment to its own 1st party and 1.5 party studio's output. I've been an owner of PS1, PS2 (and 360 whilst I waited for PS3 to launch) since launch, and i'm happy the dry patch it went through in 2007, early 2008 is OVER!

Yeah i'm a fan of games, not circuit boards and plastic. Although I do prefer the Sony exclusives more.

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