Free Xbox LIVE Arcade Games Launched Today

Following the precedent set by Doritos Dash of Destruction last year, two new Xbox LIVE Arcade titles have arrived today, free to all Xbox LIVE subscribers. Harms Way is a racing title with a difference, and not just in that of its price-tag. Also available is Doritos Crash Course

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Marcus Fenix2872d ago

just downloaded both of them, the 1 which u play with ur avatar is pure fun

Yi-Long2872d ago

... the Crash Course game is alot of fun so far.

Haven't tried the other one yet.

AAACE52872d ago

I thought xmas came early or something! Just downloaded!

Jailbroken2872d ago

Was "Doritos Dash of Destruction" really last year?
It seems like it was 2 or 3 years ago, at least.

I remember playing it until I got my achievement points, and then never going near it again.

Game was crap, but I'm a sucker for free achievement points. :D

AAACE52872d ago

Just got done playing both...

Harms way is basically Motorstorm, except you are getting shot at and there are explosions and landslides and such going on. But this game was very much influenced by Motorstorm. Everything from the opening menu felt like Motorstorm... and the graphics weren't bad either! You can be a turret gunner as well, however I didn't try that yet!

Crash Course is basically a fast paced Ninja Warrior. Just a good fun game.... even made ma laugh a few times. Kinda reminds me of a Mario game in a way!

Download both... you will have fun with them!

gamerdude1322872d ago

Yeah, I'm the same way. I got all of the points and deleted the game. Crappy, yeah, but it was actually kind of fun.

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NewZealander2872d ago

harms way is a bit boring, the avatar one is ok though, either way they are free and they dont suck too much, so its all good with me.

sp1deynut2872d ago

It was a free XBLA game from Toyota. OMFG...bad is not the word. :D Sometimes things are free for a reason. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.