E4G: 007 Blood Stone Review

E4G: We’ve all seen and are fans of the James Bond movies, but do the game counterparts offer the same experience that a movie might? Well, as a matter of fact, 007: Blood Stone comes pretty darn close...

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dkblackhawk503295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Hmmm anyone still prefer the N64 version? :D

Edit: Woops...shows you that I have not played this game >.>

curtis3943295d ago

Good review, well written, great choice of images aswell

Ronster3163295d ago

Its a decent enough game............

However, i completed it on normal in just under 5 hours, and then i upped it to 007/hard difficulty and managed to complete it in roughly 4 hours.

The campaign is painfully short, therefore personally i would have to give this game a 6.0 and i can only reccomend buying it when it drops down to half of its reccomended R.R.P.

HOSe3295d ago

ill be picking this up when it hits $20, hopefully along with nba jam

Urmomlol3295d ago

Holy heat spam batman.

There's no way this review got 100 degrees naturally. Reporting you to the mods for blatant heat manipulation.