Activision: Tony Hawk Still Has Michael Jordan Type Staying Power

Activision's second Tony Hawk game to make use of the new skateboard peripheral sold a mere 3,000 units at the end of October when it launched. Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, has already said he's still expecting a bigger sales ramp-up for the game this holiday season, and he recently spoke with IndustryGamers about the declining franchise, once a staple of Activision's business, and if Tony Hawk holds the same relevance in the marketplace today.

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donniebaseball3285d ago

I'd have to disagree with Activision on this. I think Hawk was much more relevant in the 90s and the early part of this decade. They should just kill the franchise already.

TheLastGuardian3285d ago

I would like to see the series make a comeback. A reboot or THPS5 would be nice. You'd think Tony Hawk would've learned by now that the new crap they're trying with the series isn't working so they should go back and use the old formula and hope for a fraction of the success the series once had.

gcolley3285d ago

problem is they milked the old series without any innovation at all over 9 games. they really don't stand a chance against a far superior game like SKATE without copying it. even then i won't spend another cent on that franchise after being disappointed time and time again.they milked it dry.

i'm just over grinding powerlines. the old formula is exactly that... OLD.

Nightfallen3285d ago

Make a game similar to Underground, which was by far my favorite (I played all Pro Skaters), and I'd buy it day one. But knowing how it is these days, it will be hip hop esque, nothing like the old days.

ZombieAssassin3285d ago

Do a remake of THPS4, I actually might buy that but for the most part SKATE has taken the crown so step aside TH before you're put down.