Netflix Leverages HTML5-based Web Apps for PS3 and Google TV

Ehomeupgrade: Last week you may have caught the video below, making the rounds, showing off Google TV’s updated Netflix app and how it looks eerily similar to the PS3 version. Well, there’s a reason for that. Netflix’s Techblog has posted details on how the company used HTML5 (along with a port of Webkit) to create a user experience that’s on par to a native platform app. The devs make the argument that users will benefit from real-time interface updates that only a web app can bring. No more waiting for point release updates/downloads. What’s more, Netflix is planning to create similar HTML5 apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms as well. Essentially all the team needs to do is identify the type of device that’s trying to access the service and then render the appropriate template to fit a mobile, tablet, PC, or TV screen. That kind of forward thinking gets a thumbs up from me.

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RevXM3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Reminds me that SONY need to get Chrome on the ps3.
The current browser is the horror.

Sounds like this means there wont be Google tv on the ps3?
Wich is a little sad.

darthv723288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I thought sony had helped netflix with the design and interface until I downloaded the exact same thing on the wii. Guess they should add in "Wii" to that list of devices.

SilverSlug3288d ago

What? I think you are thinking about the old Netflix look, when it was still a disc.

darthv723287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

if you have a wii and ps3 you will notice they are the same interface. With the exception of resolution (wii 480p) the layout is the same.

When both used the disc it was also the same interface. That was the default interface netflix made and it is still used in other devices (my LG blu player uses it). I dl the ps3 app first and was impressed with it until i dl the wii version.

I was looking for something that really set them apart from each other and the only thing was the wii still had wiimote support and the ps3 didnt get move support. That is a bummer but one I bet sony will have to address themselves.

D4RkNIKON3288d ago

lol the current web browser is a little painful to use but it works really well with most websites even flash. Beats not having a browser at all that's for sure.

I really got excited when I read "Netflix is planning to create similar HTML5 apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms as well." I made the switch from iphone to android recently and I miss the netflix app so badly..

Godmars2903288d ago

Reminds me that Sony and Google need to announce a GoogleTV app for the PS3. Really don't see how this means that there wont.

It might mean browser support might end since all anyone ever hears about it is negative, but at worse the independent Netflix app would be scrapped if a GoogleTV was made freely available. The one integrated into the other.

MasterA3288d ago

It only does (modern) web standards.

Masterchef20073287d ago

They should make chrome for the PS3