The Agency coming late 2011

M2G Writes:

SOE will finally release its espionage MMO, The Agency in the second half of next year, further delays permitting.

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Mmmkay2876d ago

good. first half has too many games releasing as is.

Kurisu2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I forgot about this game, haha. Would be good to get more details about it.

TOO PAWNED2876d ago

ill believe it when i see it.

Bolts2876d ago

Just cancel the damn game already. A PS3 exclusive MMO as an idea is dead on arrival we all know this. Just focus on DC Universe Online at least that game has a chance of being a hit.

Raoh2876d ago

then i expect a large showing at E3 2011

Omegabalmung2876d ago

This and DC universe should keep my MMO fix for awhile.