Adam2Marsh: My Kinect Experience

This is my experience for Kinect from my first go at Eurogamer Expo 2010 to the day it arrived, includes all the Lows and the Highs. Also my thoughts on what the future holds for this new piece of kit.

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InItForTheGames3287d ago

If Gears gets the full Kinect experience I think a lot of 360 owners are going to feel a bit let down. Leave those games alone!

dale13287d ago

if gears gets the full kinect experience,i won,t be touching it with a barge pole same goes for forrza.its for kids and family the 5 min boredom deal breaker.then theres the tech head who wants to talk to it,i doubt it will get any better as sony has the camera controller patented to [email protected] ms decides to try that line then its a new advert of we need a controller

hennessey863287d ago

is like a harry potter style extra, thats all it will be but im looking forward to it none the less

eferreira3287d ago

if its just an option like move for those core games, then it will be alright

InItForTheGames3287d ago

I hope so. One thing I can see happening as time passes looking at this kinect I have here is the motor that moves the cam when it comes on wearing out. Send it to msft for repair seems a bit flimsy. Fun for the kids and none gamers though.

hennessey863287d ago

feels like a well made piece of kit in my hands. The motor is used once when you turn it on so it can calibrate so i dont see a problem there. Also im 24 ive been gaming since i was about six and im sick to death of people saying its for none gamers or "casuals" im far from a casual gamer but i enjoy kinect and the fresh experience it brings. I ve just got rid of black ops because im begining to realise that its just the same old shit every year and its the so called " hardcore " that are holding the industry back. All you want is sequeals and new ip but of the same genre.

strickers3287d ago

Bless him,he's an little baby.You haven't been playing long enough to have seen stuff like this before?The gameplay experience is very Eyetoy(yes I know the tech is more advanced but you do the same things with your old fashioned human body).

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