Indie Game Uprising: Break Limit Review (Spawn Kill)

For the second game release of the Indie Games Winter Uprising on Xbox Live, developer Zombie Monkey Games has released Break Limit. Break Limit is an arcade-style vertical shooter, much like its predecessors Raiden, Ikaruga, and R-Type. It’s hard for any gamer to dislike classic games such as these, but is Break Limit’s juice worth the $1 squeeze?

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K-Tuck2876d ago

I love games like these. This would definitely be something I would buy if I had an Xbox 360.

tigresa2876d ago

You're slacking, son. $1 classic time wasters FTW.

Drachaus2876d ago

I still can't fathom how a game that looks this awesome is only a dollar!

fonzii2876d ago

BELIEVE IT! Haha, I can't wait for the update now.