8 Games that Desperately Need a Sequel on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

GB: "The seventh generation of video games has seen some awesome franchises coming to the fore, But I must admit that some of the classic games on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox have just been lost in this transition. I actually see no reason why some of these games cannot get a sequel on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Through this article we take a look at 8 games that deserve a sequel on the current generation consoles."

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TheGrimBunny3289d ago

Sequels are good but not all the time, with all games.

darthv723289d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

There are some that you would expect. And others you wish there wasn't.

It is like that with movies as well.

Legally Blond 2...WTF?

CombineElite3288d ago

It's safe to say that all these games will be made.

Hl2 ep 3 Hitman 5 Okami 2 Onimusha 5 already in development
beyond good and evil 2 was in development, PC exclusive then 360 exclusive now I don't know what it's doing, maybe switched gaming engines or something

These other titles will be made and Jade Empire 2 is on Bioware's back burner as they too many things going.

Heavenly Sword 2 should have been number 1 on this list. Hopefully Santa Monica makes it instead of unloyal Ninja theory.

gameseveryday3289d ago

I want Metal Gear Solid 5...nuff said!

ThanatosDMC3289d ago

Play Peace Walker. It's really good. Wish it was on the PS3 though.

halocursed3289d ago

It seems I've been waiting for a Beyond good and evil sequel for an eternity!

blahblah3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

me too.

and i'd love some demons souls 2 (i know about project dark and already love it after first trailer, but... since there is never enough of this genre getting ds2 and project dark would just make my 2011 best gaming year ever)

then there is only one game i'd like sequel after... saboteur 2 after reviews i was skeptical about buying that game and boy was i wrong. it is kinda like gta4 and ac thrown into blender, added better story, better acting and most importantly... not boring. i got to 23% on gta4 (my second try to finish it, but game is simply too boring) and rushed over excessively repetitive ac1&2 where repetition borders on lame. i really fail to see how saboteur got so bad reviews. all the quazi mistakes in reviews are by design (like falling from ledges... if you don't stop walking or at least turn stick to turn your char. not once have i fallen over the ledge and i got platinum, now doing my second playtrough on fucking hard). not to say platforming is awesome, climbing some buildings are fun puzzles and no lame auto aim run&jump like assassins creed makes it even better.

Seniorscrapper3289d ago

Beyond Good and Evil..Rest in peace !

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The story is too old to be commented.