360 Camera to Come With Free Game

Microsoft have recently revealed fresh details about the fortcoming Live Vision camera. Top among the new details is that the camera will ship with a free game called Totemball.

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kingboy5381d ago

eye toy cough cough!!! xbox power

USMChardcharger5381d ago

you do remember that the Live Vision camera was announced long before the public ever heard of the eye toy (more than a year before) when you say eye toy you should say...Live Vision camera *cough cough*

THAMMER15381d ago


bohemian 235381d ago

Remember though Sony didn't make it so it might actually work good. Oh yeah cough cough!

johnrichardandrew5381d ago

There are a few points to make, this was in development before the Eyetoy came around but that doesn't mean it hasn't taken inspiration from Sony- Microsoft also had inertial controllers for a long time but didn't incorporate them into the 360. This is clearly a responce to Sony's move.

That doesn't mean it won't be better, the applications I have seen so far have looked very impressive and the quality is good- Microsoft make brilliant peripherals, you have to give them that.

It would have been nice to see something a little more groundbreaking from MS (although these things have been on PCs for years) but it's increasing the quality of the product for those who only want one console, so hopefully it's good and hopefully we all benefit from:

A) More competition as always
B) Developers utilising this feature cross platform- it will benefit fans of both systems.

willud4skins5381d ago

could someone explain to me why you would want this? all i can think is if you are in a long distance relationship with a game or you just like flashing a fruit basket.

shotty5381d ago

Well you can now be in the game, have video chat with friends. It acts as a visualizer for the background and you can also use it to control certain games. And who knows what kind of jesture controls that have with it, like changing songs and volume by moving your hands.

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