Possible Brink Delays in Sight?

With a recent news posting by Splash Damage displaying a need for new artists and programmers for their highly anticipated, supposed spring release of Brink, one begins to wonder if delays are in sight.

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kdogdaddy2875d ago

While I've been eagerly waiting for the Spring release of Brink ever since the flop that is the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, I opt for giving Splash Damage all the time they need to release a well tested and platform efficient title.

Really looking to see fresh, innovative, new gameplay breathed into the FPS genre.

Losi2875d ago

Agreed. After being unable to truly enjoy the gameplay of Black Ops on PC, there's quite a void to be filled in not only the console, but more specifically, PC market.

BlueOps2875d ago

What is this and what does it do ? :D

kdogdaddy2875d ago

BRINK! And it kicks ass. Finis'.

CrzyFooL2875d ago

And takes names.

Also takes forever to come out.

Let's GO Bethesda - I can't play TF2 forever!!

Oh wait . . . yes I can :-)

AKissFromDaddy2874d ago

Bethesda only publishes Brink. Splash Damage, the developers, make it. :-)

Losi2875d ago

Along with most of the previously mentioned items, I look forward to the vibrant art direction that Splash Damage has chosen to go with on this title.

kdogdaddy2875d ago

Agreed. Sick and tired with dark, gray tone spectrum so common in FPS titles recently released.

n to the b2875d ago

I prefer orig Gears's muted colors that make the limited flash of light/color all the more intense. IMO Gears 2 art direction was a step in the wrong direction (looks like more of the same for Gears 3).

so, I would amend that to, Sick and tired with dark, gray tone spectrum so commonly MISUSED in FPS titles.

very much looking forward to Brink, hope it doesn't get further/delayed.

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The story is too old to be commented.