HawtWired Review: Disney's Epic Mickey


"It has been 14 years since Super Mario 64 came out, a game that many mark as the turning point that made 3D platforming a viable game genre. This holiday, Disney Interactive Studios and Junction Point released Epic Mickey, totally ignoring most of the principle groundwork that Mario 64 laid out."

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Bathyj2876d ago

Mario 64 gets too much credit.

Tombraider was far more groundbreaking.

It had platforming where it used actual realistic environments, had believable animation, had human and animal enemies, gunplay, clever puzzles, gorgeous graphics, huge environments and was aimed at young adults.

hatchimatchi2876d ago

Tomb Raider was complete garbage. It's the epitome of tank controls and bad level design.

BannedForNineYears2876d ago

ORLY? I had no idea!
Thank you for posting this useful comment.
I would have never seen the "C+/A+" under the thumbnail if it weren't for you pointing that out.