Uncharted Movie Doomed?

The Uncharted series on Playstation 3 is well known for its amazing characters and engaging moments during gameplay. Many people would say it's the best possible experience you can have on the console. And of course, with that level of fame, Hollywood wants its piece of the pie, too. Unfortunately, the movie version doesn't seem quite as promising.

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NYC_Gamer3291d ago

mark wahlberg will destroy this movie with his bad acting

TurismoGTR3291d ago

How is Uncharted the movie doomed when the trailer hasn't even been released yet.

=/ come on people, use that brain!

Zydake3291d ago

I don't get it why make a movie while all the KB commercials implied it was so great like a movie.

Kran3291d ago

because Marks the lead, thats why!

rjdofu3291d ago

Sometime we can decide the movie good or bad just by looking at the cast.

karl3291d ago

lol dude.. use your brain...

havent u read all the news regarding this movie?

about the plot changes... and even the backstory for the characters?

mark walhdfasgfjasgbasb? jesus i feel sick

morganfell3290d ago

When you take everything about the game that made it great and then remove it you are doomed to failure.

The Hollywood dunces will make some ridiculous remark concerning how game to movie translations do not work.

Well that's always the case when the translator is a moron.

xxBiG_BoSSxx3290d ago

it might be a good movie, sure, but it won't be an Uncharted movie. Not with all the changes and poor casting choices. Which is why its so confusing to even use the license for this film. Its one of the best games this gen but its still a relatively new franchise and lacks the huge following of a gta or resident evil. its easier to market crap to a larger fanbase. but with a film like this you would think the director would want to appeal to the core fans of the source material to help spread positive buzz about the film. instead David Russell has alienated the fanbase and the film will suffer for it.

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Blacktric3291d ago

Bu- bu- but he's a peacock and you gotta let him fly!

Sabre_G3291d ago

Uncharted movie is going to be FUBAR

DigitalAnalog3291d ago

If they FAIL at this movie (and I'm heavily leaning towards that side). There would be no, I repeat NO videogame/movie transition in the future would reach in a respectful level in the eyes of gamers everywhere.

-End of Line

pork_chop_express3290d ago

I heart huckabees was surprisingly great so I withhold judgement till i see it.

People might be surprised, three kings was popular. Yeah changing the backstory is not a good idea.

russel and wahlberg are alright when they team up.

Anyhow after POP and Iron man 2 being total cash ins but deemed "quality" movie standards don't exist anymore.

Vherostar3290d ago

We won't know until it's done though will we?? They hollywoodised the story but they did the same with tomb raider. Don't need a HUGE actor to do this it will work well with a great story and Drake humour. If Wahlberg can pull that off then we have no problems

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The Matrix3291d ago

I'll stick to the amazing games, thanks.

Deleting3291d ago

I think we all knew it was Doomed when Mark Wahlberg was cast

kanetheking3291d ago

no doomed when they change drake back-story hes is not part of a family of treasure keepers that is sly cooper.

jony_dols3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

The Fighter,3 Kings & I heart huckabees are all 3 very good films starring Mark Wahlberg, and directed by David O'Russell.

I have reasonably high hopes for Uncharted the film....
especially if it stars De Niro & Pesci.

kanetheking3290d ago

yes but i want uncharted not takeing the story be like saying robin hood steal's from the rich and keeps it for himself see there changed the whole thing will lead to another then another then the whole story will be changed.

Godmars2903291d ago

Why is anyone connected to gaming still talking about this Nation Treasure rip that's going to be called Uncharted?

Legionaire20053291d ago

National Treasure is about national treasure. Uncharted is about international treasure around the world!!! Like Tomb Raider.

cyguration3291d ago

Go on Wahlberg, ruin it like you ruined Max Payne!

And let's face it, Max Payne was gaming's last hope for Hollywood to take the gaming industry seriously. All they had to do was adapt a 2 hour incarnation of the game's plot to the silver screen and it somehow got muddled and screwed up beyond recognition.

Sadly, Uncharted has no hope.

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The story is too old to be commented.