The 11 Weirdest Game Endings

UGO: Games don't make sense a lot of the time, but these ones really fall apart at the end.

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Mcardle3785d ago

Ah the harshness at Conkers GF's death....

Megaton3785d ago

I hated MGS2's ending so much that I didn't even bother with MGS3 until years after it came out. Now I've got a signed copy of MGS3, but I still hate MGS2's ending.

Blacktric3785d ago

Just like everyone who doesn't "bother" to understand it says.

visualb3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

opposite with me.

I wasn't into MGS until MGS2, and the ending made me want to go back to MGS and get MGS3...which I haven't played yet...=( but its at home! WAITING!

and obv MGS4 also =)

still a little confused about the story but over all pretty clear!

@ megaton - its not about bien retarded. just play it again n you 'll get it =) hell even I didn't get it all until 2nd playthrough

Blacktric3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )


Don't get me wrong, as I said, you probably just didn't bother to understand it. You didn't bother to play the game again, search the internet, find information about it to understand. That's why you didn't get the story/ending or most likely hated it. Not because you're a retard (I didn't say you are one in the first place). So if I offended you I'm sorry.

Saladfax3784d ago


I'm not saying it's right, wrong, good or bad, but generally it doesn't reflect well upon the story when someone has to hop online for a rudimentary explanation of what the crap happened.

Galaxia3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

You probably hate it because you didn't even try to understand it. MGS2 has an extremely complex and good story, that needs to be given though after playing.

If you didn't like it, you obviously didn't put the pieces together properly.

raiden-493785d ago

So true the guy who did this piece sounds like he didn't even play the other games and under stand the story

Megaton3785d ago

Yeah, yeah, I'm retarded and all that stuff. Complexity just for the sake of complexity doesn't float my boat.

I liked the game up until then, even after discovering the whole protagonist switcheroo.

Galaxia3785d ago

It isn't simply complexity for complexity's sake though. It is complex because the themes and messages within are complex.

sonicsidewinder3785d ago

Poor guy. It's one of the best games (and series) i have played. MGS2 is a synonymous memory of when the ps2 was released for me.

great memory.

Denethor_II3784d ago

"It isn't simply complexity for complexity's sake though."

No. The complexity of the complex ending, is a result of a complex story structure, which inevitably forms an ending resulting in an complex complexation of sorts.

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StoneyYoshi3785d ago

i guess i must have missed something in mgs2's story. cause when i played the game, the president of the united states died when you went to rescue him. since when did solidus become the president?

Blacktric3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

George Sears is the ex-president, who orchestrated the Shadow Moses Incident in 2005, ordered his agent Ocelot to convince Liquid Snake steal Metal Gear REX so that later, he can steal it from Liquid and use it against Patriots (who made George Sears president). Of course after Shadow Moses, Nastasha Romanenko, a NEST (Nuclear Emergency Search Team) member who helped Snake during the incident, writes a book about REX and Genome Soldiers which lets the public know the truth about everything and forcing Sears to resign.

sonicsidewinder3785d ago

In the Darkness of Shadow Moses...

I don't even think i finished reading it lol.
Always just wanted to just dive into the game.

saint_john_paul_ii3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Solidus snake was also known as George Sears. he was the president while MGS1 was going on. he got kicked out of office right after the Shadow moses incident, when in fact, it was the patriots that made sure he got kicked out for not following orders of the Patriots since he was the one that made the Shadow Moses incident happen.

BadKarmaSutra963785d ago

Proud to say I've never played any of those games. And I've played a ton of games in my life.

Ducky3785d ago

Not something to be proud of. Some of those games were actually good.

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