2010's most underrated games

These are some of the titles of 2010 that we consider to be of the underrated kind. Maybe they got great scores but just didn't do the sales, maybe they got a terrible reception that was a bit unjustified. Or maybe they did OK at everything, stuck around for a while and then slipped away to nowhere in particular.

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rrquinta4952d ago

Don't know if I can agree with everything on the list; for one thing, I think it's too soon to judge Dance Central, but interesting all the same.

FanboyPunisher4952d ago

Easily a top game i've played. Creative and different enough that you appreciated the game. Had some faults but regardless enjoyed it more than halo reach or blackops.

kancerkid4952d ago

Decent list. Wish more people would play Metro 2033. Great game.

Lightsaber4952d ago

Alan wake was amazing and so is spiderman. However blur sucked


Alan Wake was a great game but that fact that you had to pay to see the ending was ridiculous, I mean what game has ever done that?

BillOreilly4952d ago

Agree alan wake was a masterpiece. Alpha protocol was great fun, the story and choices were what made it great. Divinity 2 was a very underrated rpg also.

starchild4952d ago

I loved Alan Wake. It was a great game that was very unique and enjoyable. I hope to see more from that franchise.

jeeves864952d ago


I wrote an article about how paying for the ending of Alan Wake sucked and got bashed for it -_-

Oh well, I still think that Alan Wake is a great narrative and a definitely under-rated title.

ThanatosDMC4952d ago

Metro 2033 <- This!

Great gun designs and i like that we really have to scavenge for ammo.

HolyOrangeCows4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

All of those games got their dues.

Even Alan Wake, which needed DLC to complete the story (After 7 years of dev time, they couldn't complete the story in the retail game....pffft!). And the repetition...sheesh.

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Lionhead4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

lol Alpha Protocol, concept was good but execution was terrible.

Not underrated at all if you ask me, just terrible. I agree with most of the others, only one I don't own or have played is Spiderman.

Was it really that good? :D

bnaked4952d ago

Most underrated game is Gran Turismo 5. I love it! It's clearly my GOTY..

The Matrix4952d ago

Alan Wake had extremely highbrow and interesting stories (as well as fantastic NW Pacific setting) but the gameplay is so disgusting and fighting the same enemies over and over again made it deserving of the 8ish average that it received. It is still worth a play through though.

ArtsyGamer4952d ago

Yea, I loved it at first, but the gameplay made it a pain to play through. It's missing the fun, but it has a great story.

baodeus4952d ago

I do agree that AW enemies need more variety, but for the gameplay, i thought it was quite challenging. They are faster, surround you every chance they get, they dodge behind trees, they do crazy damage, while you have limited amo, limited light sources, slow, limited stamina, etc....

Those elements make the gameplay that much more exciting. Some reviewer said that getting into a car and ran them over ruin the game mood? well, i can only think of revenge time whenever i get into a car, payback for all those time they back stab me and such. Absolutely love it, personal revenge.

Convas4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

I disagree. I thought that the gameplay could've used more variety, but I wasn't bored to tears with it. Just when it seemed like you were about to say, "UGH, Taken again?" they advanced the plot, threw in a puzzle or scared you with a Poltergiest.

There's room for improvement of course, there is for everything, but I personally give it a 10. Different strokes for different folks though.

typikal824952d ago

I think with all that time in development they could've come up with a few more baddies to take out.

The game is great though, makes my skin crawl when I'm walking in the woods and get jumped by a group, or when I'm gettng chased to nearest safe zone. Story is fantastic

Abash4952d ago

I thought Alan Wake was great for the first few chapters of it, but by the end of it I just thought the game as a whole was just decent.

It was just too repetitive.

wiggles4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

Alan Wake was repetitive, i mean there were variations but not by much.

It also didn't help that Alan didn't exactly make the best decisions. But i guess that is the horror story problem with most movies