I’d Die For A Web-Slinging Spider-Verse Game in the Same Visual Style As the Animated Films

TW: “With the recent release of the sequel film, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, I’ve been revisiting the astounding world of the Spider-Verse, enjoying both the prequel and the new sequel film in all their glory; and it’s led me to ask one question — why the hell isn’t there a Spider-Verse game?”

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blackblades363d ago

Didn't they already have that as a costume in the previous game.

purple101363d ago

There sure was a super sweet looking cell shaded suit. Made you feel like your actually playing a comic.

shinoff2183363d ago

The look is perfect we got enough games in that art style.

S2Killinit362d ago

It would still be sick though. And I dont mean cell shading to cut corners. It would have to be amazing like the movies themselves.

potatoseal363d ago

I too would like a whole game with the entire world looking like the animated movie. It could be awesome

jznrpg362d ago

I like this style better imo

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NecrumOddBoy1861d ago

Bill Clinton and the Beastie Boys in NBA Jam on SNES

1860d ago

Looking Back at Beenox’s History of Spider-Man games with studio co-head Thomas Wilson

Before Insomniac, there was Beenox; the studio reminisces on Shattered Dimensions, Edge of Time, and more

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CarlDechance2102d ago

"I only wish we had five years on any one of the Spider-Man games we made!"

Well, you don't have to work for Activision ya know. But yeah, they did a fair job considering the limited resources and well....Activision.

PhoenixUp2102d ago

TASM2 was like the last superhero movie that had a movie tie-in game accompanying it


Beenox on the Trials and Tribulations of Developing a Spider-Man Game

OnlySP spoke to Beenox co-studio head and creative director Thomas Wilson about the company’s work on Spider-Man games. Between 2001 and 2007, Beenox did not develop a single original game. Instead, the studio worked as a porting house. Beenox’s experience with movie tie-ins led to the studio’s original work on The Bee Movie in 2007 and Monsters vs. Aliens in 2009, and its experience porting Spider-Man games resulted in the studio being handed the reigns to develop original Spider-Man titles in 2010.

CarlDechance2104d ago

Nice read. Wilson's candor is refreshing. He flat out says Activision did not give Beenox the budget, resources, or the time they needed. Really is too bad Activision squandered their opportunities with the Spider-man franchise. They could have made some really great games. Activision being Activision.

Mister-Zay2104d ago

I wonder if we could have gotten better Destiny games if Bungie didn't go to Activision.

Profchaos2104d ago

Undoubtedly the quality would be much higher

UltraNova2104d ago

Activision's quick buck -low quality policy at its best. No wonder the first Spiderman game made by a competent dev with all the time and money needed turned out to be a stellar game overall that did justice to the source material...

Profchaos2104d ago

Activision being activision they dismantled neversoft probably the best studio they ever owned and they ran spiderman, Tony hawk, guitar hero and debeatably cod into the ground.

They have had a number of mega ips in their stable but they continue to pump out uninspired sequals for them until everyone grows tired.

Happy to see spiderman get another life with insomniac.

shuvam092104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Always felt the same...
Beenox Spidey games felt like they put effort into it...
But we all know that Activision is no Sony when it comes to budget, expectation and patience for these type of games...

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WeAreLegion2104d ago

Always felt bad for this team. They did a lot of things right, but Activision screwed them over at every turn.