Hands-On: FIFA 08 vs. PES 2008

Having played both FIFA 08 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, Gameplayer lay down their verdict on which game is shaping up to be the better release for fans of the sport.

"We have spent the last week flip-flopping between the FIFA 08 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 codes that have come into our office, trying to determine who has made the best buys, devised the winning formation and put the form on the board to take the sport into the next-generation and demand your hard-earned. To try and determine which game you, the humble soccer hooligan, should bet on in this year's big Christmas final – FIFA vs. PES."

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rev204060d ago

i can deal with that they state they dont believe the 360 version of pes will run as well as the ps3 version, but the 360 version of fifa is better.

Pes is my game of choice and ps3 is my console of choice so im happy :)

jromao4060d ago

This "war" between Fifa and PES is always welcome, both games are pushed to improve, I'm PES gamer and believe I will keep playing PES on my PS3s, but I wish to play Fifa demo as soon it's released on PSN.

Normal we found PS3 version better and improved when compared to other platforms, as PS is the main development platform.

26 October seems very far....

zenkai4060d ago

FIFA can never match PES. I dont even know who buys that EA crap??

resistance1004060d ago

I used to until a few years back when i went to pick up the lastest FIFA game and was out of stock, so picked up PES instead, i've never looked back since

mighty_douche4060d ago

fifa, gameplay wise has never come close to pro evo! maybe this time round fifa may have the slight visual edge but, gameplay is everything here!

go get PRO, leave the EA poo on the shelf!

killer_trap4060d ago

i like the way PES players. it always gives you the feeling that you are controlling different players with different attributes. give the ball to terry henry and he can sprint fast with amazing dribbling. ronaldinho plays brilliantly to. players in fifa seem pretty much alike, they just all feel like the same guy!!!!.

although i think Adriano is waaaay overrated in PEs.

icechai4060d ago

"PES plays better: at least in the preview code. For all its amazing technical advances, FIFA’s engine just can’t keep pace with the human mind, and PES’s can. In FIFA you find yourself constantly willing players to turn a little quicker, pass a little faster, run into those huge gaps. In PES the game is with you, all the way down the flank and into the box."

woo :)

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