Daxter PSP descends on retail

Sony's redesigned handheld debuts today exclusively with Ready at Dawn's platformer; stand-alone package arrives later this month, limited-edition Star Wars pack in October.

...the newly dubbed Daxter PSP Entertainment Pack, is now available for purchase at the promised price of $199.99. As advertised, the Daxter bundle includes a silver PSP Slim, a copy of Daxter game, a 1GB memory stick Duo, and Family Guy: The Freakin' Sweet Collection, which includes five "hand-picked" episodes of Fox's absurdist comedy.

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ShiftyLookingCow4062d ago

damn I wish amazon would ship faster

Premonition4062d ago

hopefully its instores tomorrow, i'll pick it up from EB's.

Greysturm4061d ago

If i dont manage to get the starwars special edition this one will make do :)

malingenie4061d ago

NOW! But tomorrows my b-day so I can buy it for myself... yay

akaFullMetal4060d ago

yea i want this, one gig, family guy, and a game, for 30 bucks extra, yea ill take that, and a new slim psp, sweet