Prey 2 already in development

3D Realms' Scott Miller drops a minor bombshell. PC and Xbox 360 first-person shooter Prey may have only just squeezed out the sphinc-door, but the sequel is already being whipped into shape, it's emerged.

Scott Miller has revealed he's currently working on Prey 2 in an interview with Although not exactly spilling massive beans on the follow-up, he did at least offer up a little about design plans, explaining, "We are addressing concerns about combat, as well as adding in more gameplay innovations."

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beckerist5377d ago

When you beat the game on the 360 it says "Prey will continue..."

Captain Tuttle5377d ago


Anyway, this is good news.

wakkiwakko5377d ago

Yes. I enjoyed this title very much. I hope that when DNF is ever released it will be at least half as good as Prey.

ACE5376d ago

i enjoyed this game too , i'm playing it it the hard dificulty to get my last achievent :)

THAMMER15376d ago

and I loved every moment. The leach gun is one of my fav. wepons ever.

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