Assassin's Creed 3 Currently In Development?

NextGN writes: "Dan Tememe just tweeted that he is looking for senior animators and programmers to work on an AAA project at Ubisoft Montreal."

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xYLeinen3066d ago

Well it better be seeing it's out next year!

SuggestionBoy3066d ago

I must have missed that announcement? Do you have a link? :D

Quagmire3066d ago

Thats wrong. Ubisoft said that there is a new AC coming out next year, but previously, they said AC3 wont be arriving till 2012, meaning next year's game is most likely another spinoff like Brotherhood.

If AC3 starts this year, its got a good 2 years (the standard for making a good game) to make it until most likely summer 2012,.

Remember, Ubisoft has something like 2000 workers, so its plenty of man power to make an AC for next year, and AC3 for year after.

Rampaged Death3066d ago

I really hope it's set in present time or a different location like London or France.

poopoojames3066d ago

yeah im hoping it's gonna be set in Bolton.

Gambit073066d ago

Of course it is, I know, because I'm from the future.

GoldPS33066d ago

Since you are from the future can you tell me when the PS4 is coming.

Gambit073066d ago

Sure! It's coming out some time in the future, mark my words.

femshep3066d ago

holiday next year will be nice finally finish the plot line.......early 2012 would be even better get some more dev time in work on the story perfect the single player

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The story is too old to be commented.