Opinion: Retail vs Steam

Darryl Still: I have read with interest the article ‘Retailers blow off Steam’, as the topic is one I have been focussed on for some time now.

Three years ago, I requested of that the 1C management team negotiate and retain the digital rights to all our titles, even when we sell on the boxed rights to other publishing houses. They agreed and for the last two years this decision has born major dividends for 1C.

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Substance1013854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Long story short, Retailers thought they could take in much larger profits by going console(this would also include used game sales).

Specially where i am at PC games can cost 45usd, While the console counterpart costs between 75-80usd retail is making a killing, so obviously a low margin platform like PC was not of interest to them, when they could charge console kiddies a much higher price.

In came Steam and the rest of the DD network, For the month of october which only had one big game Fallout Vegas, Steam alone made a sale of 75million usd(if that is taken as an average for the entire year, its higher then the last years retail sales for the PC). Now add in the rest of the DD network no wonder retail is buthurt over the sales and profits DD services are currently enjoying.

Contrary to the myth about PC gaming declining, its actually healthy and growing due to DD sales.