Kinect Dominates Discussion, Gets Double The Exposure of Move

Nukezilla reports:

"Microsoft’s Kinect is proving to be quite the talking point in the run up to Christmas this year and since the start of August it has consistently been written about more than Sony’s Move. In the past four months Move has been written about 737 times, with Kinect gaining nearly double that amount of exposure with 1,325 individual articles mentioning the device."

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Godmars2903063d ago

Yet fails to sell twice as well in half the time...

God, just give it a rest. Stop. Just Stop.

Killed4Less3063d ago

More like sell a Nav = Move sale! Not to mention you need 2 Moves to equal the same experience with 1 Kinect.

Not even something that should be compared since the Move can be piece together and each piece could potentially count as a Move sale.

Cevapi883063d ago

"2 Moves to equal the same experience"....LMFAO

for you to say that shows just how ignorant you also tells me that you have never touched a Move controller

gijsbrecht3063d ago

Please don't let my 2 precious Moves equal the same experience as 1 Kinect. Then they would be seriously broken.

Dramscus3063d ago

It has twice the exposure because the spent 500 million on advertising. Compared to the advertising for move which was probably in the low single to double digits.

GoodGuy3063d ago

So, selling a NAV equals selling a MOVE? Are you a moron?
They are 2 DIFFERENT devices.

ryuzu3063d ago

Actually, Sony specifically exclude Nav sales from the press releases.

But this is N4G - no one reads the news so it's no surprise you look like an idiot right about now lol.


SilverSlug3063d ago

Since there is like, one game that requires 2 controllers to play, you would be wasting your money.

Especially since that game is that crappy Fighting game.

NecrumSlavery3063d ago

Nav = Move sale?

You can't even compare Nav sales. That's just bonus points.

Compare Kinect & Move cause the Nav is just another example of why Kinect games are stationary or rail based only.

ComboBreaker3063d ago

Look at all these articles trying to qualify Kinect and convince others that Kinect is cool.

"Hey guys, Kinect is so cool. Everyone is talking about Kinect. Did you know what Kinect has twice the exposure of Move? Twice the exposure!!! Celebrities love Kinect."

If it's that cool, then it doesn't need to insist upon itself.

Move doesn't need to try to convince others that Move is cool. Move doesn't need to insist upon itself. Move just is.

Rumbanana3063d ago

"More like sell a Nav = Move sale! Not to mention you need 2 Moves to equal the same experience with 1 Kinect."

Yet 2 move controllers and a camera are still less expensive than 1 Kinect. LOL you're XBOT logic astounds me. PEW, PEW, PEW!

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Active Reload3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

"Yet fails to sell twice as well in half the time"

I don't get it. Unless you're telling me you had that high of hopes for Kinect, lol. Wouldn't Move coming out in September be considered a headstart, lol?

"God, just give it a rest. Stop. Just Stop."

Lol, yes please do xD

ryuzu3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Well maybe it's a "right back at ya!" thing.

360 with a year "head start" apparently had nothing to do with PS3 not overtaking it in sales day one.

So what goes around comes around - how come Kintec hasn't outsold the lowly, unmarketed, wii-rip off Move - it only had 1 month head start.


thebudgetgamer3063d ago

" Wouldn't Move coming out in September be considered a headstart, lol?"

yea if wasn't for that head start it wouldn't be in the lead at all right? oh wait.

AnointedD3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Your comment makes very little sense Godmars. If kinect had 4 times the exposure only then would it sell twice as much in half the time...think about it, thats what maths dictates.
Kinect however has SOLD in 25 days what Move SHIPPED in a month.
So far Move is shipped 4.1 million in 75 days
Kinect has sold 2.5 million in 25 days. Even if we say Move has sold 4.1 million, that's 54667 per day and Kinect is at 100 000 per day. Twice the exposure, twice the sales in the game time frame. This public service announcement was brought to you by basic mathematics and these quotes..."We are thrilled about the CONSUMER
response to Kinect, and are working
hard with our retail and
manufacturing partners to expedite
production and shipments of Kinect
to restock shelves as fast as possible
to keep up with demand, ” said Don
Mattrick, president of Microsoft’s
interactive entertainment business.
“ With SALES already exceeding two
and a half million units in just 25
days, we are on pace to reach our
forecast of 5 million units sold to
CONSUMERS this holiday. ” and from aaron greenberg<<MSFT says it sold 2.5 million Kinect
to consumers. Impressive that's to
consumers not sell in to retail. #

DaTruth3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

That math was terrible! It fails to take into account that products tend to sell more in their first month than the second or that Kinects timeframe includes Black Friday, whereas Move's timeframe contains no "biggest shopping day of the year"!

MS is also spending 500 million on people writing about it! I'm sure gaming magazines who are receiving ad revenue from MS are under the impression they're suppose to write more about it to access that revenue!

r1sh123063d ago

its just marketing noise..
The MS marketing team have done better, but here in the UK (ENgland) - kinect has not had as much exposure.
I havent seen it in any stores to try out, the Move ad's are on the TV quite a bit.
I might be missing the kinect ad's, but I havent seen many on the TV - most likely because I work.
I think the difference is in the streets and stores, there is a big 'bonanza' in many stores for kinect but not for move.
Seems like MS bullied their way in.
Its a shame, if Sony had the aggressive marketing MS do IM sure sony would have taken the lead a long time ago.

metsgaming3063d ago

yet the advirtising is way more than 2 to 1 , the discussion should be large that more like 4 to 1

aceitman3063d ago

gee anything would get exposure with 500 million $ on advertising ... come on, it doesnt take a genius to figure that out does it .

Christopher3063d ago

For $500m, it better get more discussion.

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verygoodyear3063d ago

It must be down to the technology. Move, while cool, is basically just seen as Wiimote.

It'll be interesting to see what this is like when the proper games get released.

karl3063d ago

yeah.. the be informed about the technology is very important

the more time it passes more casual people will understand what each one can do..

honestly .. when peple understand what little kinect can do and the rumors spread.. it will sink in sales

Viper73063d ago

Yeah people probably missed EyeToy when it came out, would think even the casuals would be having some sort of dejavu from current Kinect lineup. (shame really, Kinect seems to pack quite nice tech from what I have seen people using hacked kinect for. Bringing objects to a game could be kinda neat. )

bananlol3063d ago

The eyetoy sold about 10 million copies.

AnointedD3063d ago

Source on that 10 million please

Cenobia3063d ago

If you are waiting for 'proper' games for Kinect you are going to be waiting for a long time. I am willing to bet that Kinect will muster maybe as many core games as the Sixaxis-only games have (like 3).

Being unable to use Kinect to navigate 3D space makes it hard to utilize for core gaming. I can imagine a Myst-like puzzle solving game, because it makes you stop at each area, but that is the extent of my ideas for a fun Kinect game.

Move still needs to bring the games, but being included in games like RE5, KZ3, and Socom shows that it is at least possible.

Dylantalon13063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

It's funny that I haven't read or heard about an article which talks about which product is better or works as advertised.

Godmars2903063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

One just went up:

This just wont stop, will it?

wuerflein3063d ago

Rabble will be roused over this.

triumphofhearts3063d ago

Being completely honest - I don't care about Move, I don't care about Kinect. BUT Kinect in concept and in execution has irritated me more than any other piece of hardware.

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