Is It Time to Call the Xbox Kinect a Smash Hit?

Microsoft has now sold 2.5 million units of the Xbox Kinect in less than a month. With sales staying consistent, is it safe to say that the Kinect is a big hit for Microsoft’s gaming division?

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ryuzu3785d ago

Wow, same sales as Move so 2 smash hits in motion gaming huh?


SixZeroFour3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

technically its only really 25 days old in NA (well 26 when i post this), 20 days old in EU and 10 days old in japan (12 in other parts of asia)...but yea, id say motion gaming from both sides are doing fairly well

Zir03785d ago

Not really MS is sold to costumers while Move is shipped. Plus 1 person can have 4 Move controllers. So Kinect have effectively outsold Move.

Bigpappy3785d ago

Zer0 is correct. 1 Kinect per house hold on average. 2 Move per customer average. Kinect sale are more significant.

D4RkNIKON3785d ago

SPIN SPIN SPIN!!! you guys really have to justify your purchase by making others feel like their sales aren't sufficient? Grow up

zootang3785d ago

500m spent on marketing, I'd say.... No!

Army_of_Darkness3785d ago

Besides, anything can be a smash hit with the right advertising;)

darthv723785d ago

it could be depending on how they create demand. Creating games that CANT be played any other way. If that were to happen, it could potentially be the first "add-on" to equal the user base.

Not even sega cd could do that.

Vherostar3785d ago

@D4RkNIKON - bang on the money mate and Zir0 all MS numbers are shipped always have been and always will be the fact you don't know this just shows how you don't actually read articles in the 360 section and just hang about in the ps3 section to slate ps3 gamers.

tacosRcool3785d ago

What about all the Kinect Hardware that Burger King got and gave away every 15 min for a couple of weeks? I don't think that Microsoft gave away them for free and I know they are counting all these.

pixelsword3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Well, it's out there and it's selling, despite how it sold; so congrats Microsoft for your success, Sony for your success and Sixaxis, which made motion gaming with a controller fun for me, plus the Wii for showing everyone how it's done.

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SuperKing3785d ago

I think I'm dizzy now, too much spinning. I loved how the xbox fanboy just crumbled away when they heard about Move's sales. Lol I'm really enjoying this.

sinclaircrown3785d ago

Try getting out more. Seriously, there's a whole world of things better than which add-on sold more for a video game console.

Or, now this is a long shot, but you could try actually using Move or Kinect... That might be fun too.

Nah, lets get back to checking your fantasy console league stats!

pixelsword3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

If that's fun for him, eh, let him have his fun; at least his version of fun is not stealing, or adultery, or hurting people physically.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

I'm pretty sure lots of people are smashing and hitting it. :)

@disagree: Oh relax it was a joke lol.

The Creep3785d ago

i wouldnt call it a smash hit

SuperKing3785d ago

Hell, your can sell steaming dogsh!t with an $500 million advertising budget, which ironically something Kinect has in common.

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DiRtY3785d ago

sure. 100k sold to consumers per day is outstanding.

dale13785d ago

how do they know already,sold to retail,whoesalers etc,i mean npd,chart track take nearly the second month to find out what was sold in the first month at the retail how would they have that information before the likes of npd have that themselves.remember npd is just one of many that report on sales.its shipped like all of these companys end of.

Killed4Less3785d ago

It seems it is but I'm still waiting for that killer app.

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