Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII at PS3 launch

Just a few weeks after the revelation that the Xbox 360 warplane game, Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII, would be headed to Nintendo's Wii as a launch title, Ubisoft has confirmed today that it will also be ready for the PlayStation 3's kick-off. The article mentions all new missions, 16 player multiplayer, and use of the tilt functionalities of the PS3 controller. The image above is from the Xbox 360 version.

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AIan5388d ago

Yea have fun... not a very good game at all.


Na it's ok this is one of the games that made 360 what it is today, the no.3 contender in the console war lol!

TruSoljah5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

You have got to be one of the biggest ps3 fanboys.

The other 2 consoles arent even out so please, I wouldnt want you to eat your words in the future.

But yes I agree, this game was not that great...

TheMART5387d ago

Well you may think that, but if you're really just looking at the facts!

Anyone read the story about the Phantom Console? It does feel somehow the same though: Phantom lies, Sony lies. Isn't the PS3 actually the Phantom?

2 x HDMI --> 1 x HDMI in fact on expensive one, NO HDMI on the other expensive one. Barbie Ken promised on E3 2005 PS3 would have 2 x HDMI period.

3 x Gigabit Ethernet port --> mmhhhh where did all these ethernet ports go? Oh wait, Sony fans say the PS3 have one extra USB port instead. Whheeeeeee!!!

All games 1080p? Actually, none. All games are in 720p, although a GT4 HD smugged up PS2 version DEMO has been said to be in 1080p. Right. Welcome to the REAL HD area as Barbie Ken tells us.

PS3 case would be smaller then the 360 case. The 360 would be such a large console everyone stated. Watch that giant enemy crab now, damn that's large! Powerbrick not included yet!

Cell is soooooo powerfull, it doesn't need a GPU Kenny thought. But he was sooooo wrong, so suddenly they had to buy a standard Nvidia 7900 and fit it in. Well that's a nice optimalized hardware mix!

About CGI @ E3 2005 Sony and Barbie Ken said: noooo it's all ingame and inengine. Really! Didn't we all laugh our butt off when we saw the E3 of this year? And when did they do the same? Yup with PS2.

Lies, lies, lies. If you read above and not be a fanboy, anyone has to agree. Sony always overpromisses and underdelivers

And this one is fun in text from Phantom:

"quietly ushering in the demise of an imagined console and the arrival of an allusion to some sort of broadband game service". Hhmmmm where have we seen that before... Oh wait, the PS2 had some illusionairy great never experienced online gaming system. Man that sucked, so who should believe Sony they can do it now? Premium service for free?

Yeah Phantom! Uh I mean Sony! And I am the pope, the moon is made of cheese and Barbie Ken is always telling the truth!

DJ5388d ago

It's kind of nice that they want to bring this over...but they better improve the game substantially before they do. (and not just graphics-wise)

kewlkat0075388d ago

here ever played Airplane shooters in the arcades? RAIDEN, and some other ones. If your 10 then probally not like most kids on here. IMO opinion those games were fun. Seem likes everybody is a pixel sl$t now. If it doesn't have good graphics then you won't play it.

You fanboys are ridiculous...

ironwolf5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

and this ain't no flight sim. It's graphics aren't bad, they are produced with a sort of semi-sepia tone to make them look old fashioned, World War II'ish. The problem is it's just an arcade style shooter with no originality, same as Secret Weapons over Normandy and Heros of the Pacific. If it doesn't have a pilot's in coc-pit view, then its worthless in my view.

This stupid censor software won't even allow the word c-o-c-k-p-i-t!

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