Black Ops multiplayer gimped by Hardline Pro exploit

The Call of Duty community is as devious and as ingenious as any - probably more so due to its sheer size - but as a result its players are experts when it comes to finding sneaky little tips and tricks to help their cause in the game's phenomenal multiplayer.

And so it should come as no surprise to learn of the latest cheeky exploit.

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HairyArse3063d ago

I really hope they don't patch this out though as I've been using it to my advantage all morning. It's brilliant.

BulletProofVess3063d ago

I don't really think this is an exploit...

It's just how it's designed

This can't be in the same catagory as one man army noob tube

-Alpha3063d ago

That's how it is designed but TA is considering redesigning it now because people are most definitely using it as an exploit.

Basically when you have a team constantly gambling Care Package, Sentry Gun, and Sam Turret it begins to get annoying

AndrewRyan3063d ago

I tried this method myself. Let me tell you that it actually kind of sucks, first off you have to wait to get the packages, time = kills, then most of the time you only get a killstreak that will grant you 1 or 2 kills at the most. I do better with Spy plane, Chopper Gunnger, and Dogs personally, but if you are not good enough to get to that point might as well try your luck with this method.

DirtyLary3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

It's a simple game mechanic. Article shouldn't be using the word "exploit".

We all know about this already.

go to my xbox fileshare and watch my game on this.

Dogs/chopper in minutes. It's a gamble but sometimes it pays off.

If anything it will teach players to carry a launcher and use SAMS to counter carepackage drops.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

They're hell bent on fucking this game up. Just get Hardline Pro and STHU.


Spydiggity3063d ago

what a slow news day this must be for this to be a top article.

who cares

frostypants3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

You cannot counter drops with launchers or SAMs.

A SAM will only cause the helicopter to drop the box randomly...but it will still drop.

As for carried launchers, it's virtually impossible to even achieve THAT. The chopper delivers the supplies so fast that by the time you've gotten a clear shot at it, locked on, AND your missile has had time to get to it, the supplies are always already dropped.

In summary: It's easy to get points from shooting the choppers down, but doing so before they make the drop is extremely difficult, and even if you do, the drop is still made, albeit to a random location.

They were supposed to make supply choppers slow and somewhat easy to shoot down, I thought...but apparently they changed their minds prior to release.

AS FOR THIS "EXPLOIT", they clearly need to fix it. It's not truly an exploit, but if the perk calls for a sentry gun, allowing people to shuffle it is stupid. It's not the same as a supply drop. This looks like something the designers just overlooked. I guarantee this changes.

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xAlmostPro3063d ago

meh im 50/50 on this, not many people actually use this.. but when people do it can get frustrating when you start getting bombarded with chopper after chopper after airstrike.. because 2 players are hiding in corners(camping) to get 5 kills..

it can be annoying, and probably will be when it starts being used on a wider scale but as it stands its only bad here n there, and theres bigger issues for treyarch to worry about just now..

Kamikaze83063d ago

I agree, but its a stretch to say that it completely "gimps" the game.

MAJ0R3063d ago

hopefully they have the decency to patch this

if they don't, we will see BO multiplayer be on an even lower level the MW2s

frostypants3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

No way. Even with this, the game isn't nearly as gimped as MW2 is with the noob tubing and quick-scoping nonsense.

I went back and played MW2 the other day (with a couple of friends who still don't have BO). It felt inferior in every way. Most issues people have with BO's gameplay (not counting the bugs) are due to the shock. But BO *is* better.

Ducky3063d ago

I use hardline as it is.
People always get ammo crates and I munch them up. :D

Although considering the time it takes to wait for the care package (and they can be shot down) It should be easy to counter.
Air-support isn't much of an issue as it is, so it isn't game breaking.

vickers5003063d ago

I hope they patch this. Not because I think it's unfair, but because I don't think SAM turrets and sentry guns should be rewarded via care package. They should just be automatic like UAVs, counter UAVs and blackbirds.

It pisses me off to no end when someone steals my care package, but it wouldn't be so bad if the spawn system wasn't so broken

visualb3063d ago

"And with a team-mate killing me every 5 kills and allowing me to start my streaks again, I managed 29/0 on the popular Array map."

Call of Exploits: Broken Online =D

vhero3063d ago

Badly designed game this though not really an exploit.. Wouldn't expect anything less off a company that ripped off somebody else's engine and has never made a AAA title in there life before.

asdr3wsfas3063d ago

"Wouldn't expect anything less off a company that ripped off somebody else's engine"

COD uses the quake engine licensed from Id software. IW did not create the COD engine.

PR0X13063d ago

This is why I only play TDM PURE.

TheLastGuardian3063d ago

What rank do you unlock Hardline pro at?

Gawdl3y3063d ago

The same rank that you unlock every single other perk. All perks are unlocked at one time; you have to buy them with CoD points after that.

JeffGUNZ3062d ago

To get the "Pro" level of the perk, you have to complete 3 seperate perk challenges, then you have to purchase the pro version

AssassinHD3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

All of the perks are unlocked at level 4 (I think that is the level that unlocks Create a Class). You just have to spend 2,000 COD points to get Hardline, and then complete the 3 perk challenges to unlock the Pro version. You also have to spend COD points to do the upgrade.

The challenges for Hardline are as follows:

Get 7 kills without dying in one match.

Earn 7 killstreaks in one match.

Share 10 packages (can be SAM turret, care package, sentry gun, or valkyrie rockets).

RBLAZE19883063d ago

The only gamebreaker is treyarchs crappy net code, match making, BS Second chance perk and the stupid knifing. They need to get rid of second chance and knifing all together. Hardline pro is fine and def not an exploit. COD needs to die anyway i'm so tired of it already. All FPS games need to die for a while after next year. Come back in 2013 once everyone has had a break lol.

jjank113063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )


can't stand second chance and the ridiculous radius in which you can knife lunge.

PotatoClock3062d ago

Koticks wallet doesn't agree with you!

gaden_malak3063d ago

When do you get Hardline Pro?

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3062d ago

This game is gimped by lag, and a broken ass party system. I am just about finished with this crap. I can join a party with 1 person on my friend list, I have to force join in rooms and then wind up on the other team IF it lets me in the room. The person I can connect with can connect with one other person but they cant invite him either. 2 other guys can only join 1 other person, and the rest were smart and didnt get suckered into buying this garbage.

Activision.....YOU SUCK! Treyarch......GO BANKRUPT

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AKissFromDaddy3063d ago

People complain about every little advantage in a video game,smh. It's a game, just play it because life is short so.....time spent complaining over a video game is time wasted.

mrv3213063d ago

This is nothing,in games such as Starcraft 2 people complained that one race could decrease mining by a whopping Time decreased by 0.49 seconds.

RedDead3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I dunno that sounds like it would through the balance off completely, does that mean for every miner they collect half a second faster, in the long run that would mean one player will have alot more resources than the other, which sorta destroys the strategy element by giving the player with the upgrade an unfair advantage. More resources=more tanks=slowly but surely overpowering the other player

Edit--this ain't no exploit, it's the way the game was made, just try and get to any care packages you see on the map. Fight for it. you never know you might actually steal a chopper off them/.

El_Colombiano3063d ago

.49 seconds faster WILL throw the favor of the game.

Soldierone3063d ago

Lmao, and then two people completely confirm what your talking about. It made me laugh so much :P

Gawdl3y3063d ago

It is an exploit, because it is an exploiting a mechanic of the game past the intended use.

JeffGUNZ3062d ago

How is it an exploit. The description says it changes the contents of a care package. Sam Turrets and sentry guns are dropped in care packages. It is balanced though. Rarely, I get a good kill streak with it, I mostly get spy plans, ammo, or the god awful grim reaper.

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sak5003063d ago

Dint know that, that's pathetic and here i was wondering why i keep hearing killstreaks getting announced so often in few matches. I'll go hardline from today

RealtorMDandDC3063d ago

I use hardline pro...but never used carepkg.....pretty interesting tho..

LycanSoldier3063d ago

Known about this for awhille, I've enjoyed having the SAM Turret as a killstreak, gets me a nice amount of XP when people do this, far more than this "technique" probably gets actually.

Tigerfire3063d ago

Lmao. Wow. I don't get how people say you have to camp to get 5 kills. If your good, then you don't need to camp. I rush like freakin crazy and still end up getting like 10+ killstreaks like NOTHING.

marioPSUC3063d ago

Nobody says you have to camp, a lot of people I see run and gun, and most of the time those people do better than the campers

Delt43063d ago

Camping only gets you killed. Thats what the killcam is there for. I run and gun and my killstreaks are spy plane, attack chopper and chopper gunner. I can easily get all of them at least once a game.