10 Games to Buy for Friends You Secretly Hate

XMNR: "If you’re thinking about shopping for video games for your hate-friends, here are ten of the biggest flops of 2010 that will get the message across all too clearly. A punch to the back of the head or a box full of feces might be out of the question, but finding a new copy of any game on this list under the Christmas tree will say, “I hate you” just as effectively."

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UltimateHaloFan3623d ago

Why isn't Gran Turismo 5 on this list? I think getting such a broken racing game that amounts to little more than a lame Gran Turismo 4.5 HD is a pretty big kick in the nuts, especially when there's so many other better games out on the market right now.

It's like rubbing failure in the face of GT fans.

DoomeDx3623d ago

Just by looking at your name, i know enough about your comment.

rjdofu3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Joined: 27 Nov 2010 (4h ago)

More like UltimateTroll.... Pathetic.

karl3623d ago Show
ZombieNinjaPanda3623d ago

Stopped at "why isn't", realize is troll, realized isn't worth wasting life reading this sorry excuse of a comment. Posted comment saying it's not worth it. Walked away.

SpartanPrince3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

I think that the GT affect is hilarious. There have been so many trolls in non GT articles trying to bash the game, which is especially bad since there are a million GT articles for them to troll in here lol. Poor trolls

@Zachmo-Nah its both ways with the trolling, I agree. But this is the first time I've seen so many duplicate accounts, and so many of the same copy and pasted lists against GT, and so much misinformation about the game. I think it's sad really. And correct me if I'm wrong(I didnt join the site too long ago) but wasnt it the 360 fanboys who started the major trolling in 2007?

Zachmo1823623d ago

Its more like a payback type thing thats how i see it...If you ever noticed PS3 fanboys troll the kinnect articles hardcore and mostly anything thats pro 360...This is basically the first time i have ever seen 360 fanboys trolling badly....I mean they are in freaking full force thats rare.

I guess Karma finally hit the PS3 fanboys.

poopoojames3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

stop trolling spartan

edit; you're always going on about trolls and the only troll i see here is you

SpartanPrince3623d ago

lol so now I'm trolling rat? LMAO

Zachmo1823623d ago

I wouldn't know that either i only joined the site over the summer and from what i could tell If you look at PS3 fanboys dissing something in a 360 article he ends up with 50 agrees and thats like anything 360 related and when a 360 fanboy does it in a PS3 article he gets like 90 disagrees...This really is the first i have ever seen 360 fanboy gets tons of agrees in a PS3 article. like i said they're in full force which is rare.

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andron3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

UltimateHaloFan your either very funny or, a fantroll...

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N4GAddict3623d ago

I don't wish these games against anyone

CrzyFooL3623d ago


Gifted that shit to my ex!!

BYE3623d ago

That's still more friends than UltimateHaloFan has.

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