Tenchu Senran new trailer

Microsoft just put online this brand new Tenchu Senran trailer on the japanese Marketplace, unfortunately showing very little gameplay.

DK2096406d ago

me and my bro used to smoke dank and play this game all day brings back some memories definitely will buy

kewlkat0076406d ago

no one comment about the actual pictures... you guys are gamers..

willud4skins6406d ago

this series is pretty dated. i wouldnt expect much from there next installment.

headblackman6406d ago

this game has a long way to go, to acually call itself a nextgen game :/ please step it up on those graphics, cause they really suck. like really. THEY SUCK FOR REAL :(


411mania's Release List for the Week of February 2, 2009

411mania gives a rundown on this week's game releases. Highlights include Tenchu: Shadow Assassins, My World, My Way, and Another Code: R.

Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (Wii)
"New to the series is a feature called 'Mind's Eye' which allows you to quickly and easily find your enemies on screen and also see what's in their current field of vision. This makes it easier to gauge where you can safely go to avoid discovery while creeping up on your unsuspecting victims. You can also use 'Mind's Eye' to find out what can be manipulated in the area, which means you no longer have to play the guessing game when it comes to finding which flames can be blown out, what objects can be moved, which doors can be opened, etc."

My World, My Way (DS)
"One of the unique features of this game is Elise's ability to change the world around her by pouting. Many objects in the world such as landscapes, shop items, monster stats, and drops are subject to her wants and desires. Of course, you need special points to use the power of the pout, so don't expect to be bossing everything around without limit. You can also look forward to a lot of humor relating to many of the RPG clichés that fans of the genre have had to put up with over the years."

Another Code: R - Kioku no Tobira (Wii Import)
"The first Trace Memory is one of the more memorable first-run DS games thanks to its original and engaging story, decent puzzles, and good use of the DS' features. If history repeats itself, the sequel will be one of the few Nintendo published Wii games that makes good use of the Wii's many unique features without having that 'tacked-on waggle' feel that we've come to expect from most of the system's games."

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Review Round-up: Tenchu Z

Will Tenchu's first foray onto the Xbox 360 emerge as a fleet-footed, shadow-hugging ninja leaping elegantly from roof to roof and killing in blessed silence?

Or will it announce itself as a stampeding and non-responsive behemoth that stumbles about like an inebriated elephant while brain dead A.I. adversaries look on in glazed ignorance?

Find out what various critical sources had to say on Tenchu Z in GamerSquad's Review Round-up.

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Tenchu Senran Review

Tenchu Senran may be the eighth entry in the Tenchu series, but instead of offering more innovation, developer K2 Interactive has expanded the game play, now allowing the player to create and customize their own ninja assassin, giving him or her unique attributes, aesthetics, and abilities.

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shortyNZ6348d ago

this game looks rubbish! the graphics look awefull and tenchu has allways been a second rate stealth game! add it to the sonic the hedgehog pile!