3DJuegos: Gran Turismo 5 Review

3DJuegos: Gran Turismo 5 is a very good game of speed, but lacking a problem that keeps it from rising to the top of the genre: The lack of spark and life. The behavior of road vehicles is, apart from their physical collisions, flawless, but everything comes to game modes (off-line and especially on-line) denotes a significant lack of inspiration.

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zeddy4569d ago

its just the ai for me, i dont know if its patchable or not but it way to easy to win races. need for speed shift ai is tough and you have to tinker with your car to get the best out of it.

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Terarmzar4569d ago

I have never heard of these Reviewers...
But hmm since people are being so harsh on the reviews of GT5 they should do this for every game and look for every possible flaw.

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Armyntt4569d ago

Ah here we go again another review from another no name site. Do these sites just open up before a AAA title release? Whether u like them or not just stick to the main players, IGN/GS/Gamepro/Eurogamer/Meta. I know there is alot of guys that dont like the ones listed but i read all them and kind of give an avg and go with it. If they all give similar pros/cons then prolly those are realistic pros/cons.

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