Lair have more responsive SIXAXIS after FW 1.92?

1.92 will make the controls for lair more responsive since 1.92 makes any controls from the controller more secure and thus the controller is sending all button presses and tilt senses from the sixaxis tilt sensor faster to the ps3 system. so if you pay close attention ....

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4087d ago

I wish they could come up with something later that could give you the option of controlling with the joy sticks also. That would fix a lot for some people.

Stella4087d ago

"That would fix a lot for some people."

Don't be absurd. Pretending to complain about Lair's controls is nothing more than an excuse for fanboys to trash the game.

Lair doesn't even make sense without the sixaxis controls.

Lair's controls were spot on pre 1.92.
Lair's controls are spot on post 1.92.

snoop_dizzle4087d ago

ok, considering that even ps3 fans are complaining about the controls there might be some merit. Granted i think the game is good but nothing AAA more like AA. I do definelty think that this game was underrated but the controls have been an issue to many. Perhaps you are just very coordinated?

rbanke4087d ago

For quite a bit of people, its not the accuracy of the motion control that we dont like, its the fact that we are FORCED into motion control. When i play games, I do not want to move my hands all about or have to pitch this way or that. I want to sit back on my couch and have a good time.

'Lair doesn't even make sense without the sixaxis controls. '
Nothing different than any other flying game. They dont all force us to use motion controls.

I for one simply refuse to buy this game unless they put out a patch for using standard controls.

MikeGdaGod4087d ago

i'm not a big fan of the motion controls at all, but after actually trying the game out and not being all upset about there not being an option to play with the sticks, i'm starting to really like it now and its alot of fun.

after reading all the reviews i figured they played through it quickly and were frustrated after a while like i was, THE FIRST DAY. today its whole lot better and now i'm enjoying it more. it just takes a lil time and effort. plus, if we really wanna take gaming to the next generation, we have to be willing to try new control scemes and not rely on the old way of playing (at least for one game, sony better not pull this sh!t again). and being able to play on psp is great just to show off to friends. i had everyone in the barborshop buggin when they saw it.

TheExecutive4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

lol and the d-pad was standard before the sticks... Motion is here to stay folks, get used to it or get worse at video games. In flying games it frees the hands up to do other things. Trying new video games is fun, some people should quite being so closed minded

EDIT: Snoop....

You are absolutely correct. Sensitivity needs to be able to be changed, it is an absolute must. Especially since they are just starting to impliment it.

snoop_dizzle4087d ago

but you gotta be able to tweak the sensitivity of the controls. I think that would've made it easier to play.

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Athlon4087d ago

Nice to hear! I'm going to pick up this game as soon as I get a chance.

Violater4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

As I do not equate "more secure" to "more responsive" ie sensitivity settings.
More secure seems to indicate a fix for the disconnection issues people seemed to be having.


TheExecutive4087d ago

You are absolutely correct, bubbles for being intelligent. There is no reason for me to believe that security has anything to do with responsiveness... this seems to be too much of a jump in logic.

segasage4087d ago

Never believe PSN or PS3's a Pole for godsakes now you got firmwares making gamers act delusional,

Call this firmware a Placebo.

cuco334087d ago

from what i've been reading, the issues aren't with the easy first few stages but the more complex later stages and if it's as broken as the reviewers and honest gamers say it is, i don't think a few nanoseconds for communication between controller & system will help any

but good luck, sadly lair is yet another title that falls short

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