IGN: THEY - First Impressions

IGN's first look at the game centred around a very small London square, ravaged by apparent warfare. It featured sandbags strewn as haphazard defences, derelict buildings damaged by countless fire fights and, of course, a red telephone box - evidentally now considered convenient shorthand for transatlantic recognition.

Sadly no sign of double deckers, the queen, the Spice Girls or a hilarious joke about bad teeth as yet. Of course, this being the next generation and all, it's possible to destroy buildings with a well placed grenade or two which, interestingly, is more than a simple aesthetic gimmick - laying waste to buildings uncovers shortcuts through levels and even secret power-ups. However, it's worth remembering that being hit by falling debris is seriously bad for your health so take precautions.

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Premonition4063d ago

Reminds me of resistance. This game sounds good.

PlayStation3604063d ago

I can't help feeling that this is what Resistance 1.5 would look like. :P