Rage HD (iPhone) Review -

The phrase “on-rails shooter” has sort of carried a negative connotation when it comes to the description of a video game’s gameplay style. But don't let the on-rails shooter descriptor tarnish your thoughts of Rage HD, as the control scheme not only works really well, but it makes a lot of sense, too!

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JimmyJames703858d ago

I'll have to play this one.

jha12233858d ago

On rails certainly doesn't carry a positive note, but this doesn't look too bad. Cheap too.

The size though, yikes. That is one big app. I would imagine the load time would be a bit weak too.

kube003858d ago

How much was it? I think I'll pick it up

eaglethorn3858d ago

For $2, why not. I'll pick it up.