Sony's Most Likely Game Announcements

NextGN writes: "Sony Computer Entertainment just recently announced an announcement. That’s right. They will be announcing a new PlayStation 3 exclusive on the 12th of December. Already, the Internet has been set ablaze with rumors and speculation of what this exclusive could be. What we have done is filtered through these rumors and chosen the most likely games to be announced. So, here you have it – the most likely Sony game announcements are."

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Kitchen_Sink4508d ago

Call me crazy but out of all those games I want Starhawk the most.

FiLTHY ESKiMO4508d ago

Sudden urge to play Warhawk again. :)

DORMIN4508d ago

I have a feeling its Starhawk.

The weird thing is IGN's article didn't even mention Starhawk at all.

-Alpha4508d ago

I'm sure SH will be great but I want something different from a MP game, I really am hoping for an RPG.

I'm hearing it's a Tales of "X" game from the series, but I want either an RPG or a new single player game.

godmoney4508d ago

Is it even possible to play Warhawk anymore?
I got a feeling it will be a more difficult game to get into right now than Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare :)

-Alpha4508d ago

Warhawk still has a really big community. You are bound to find many servers (I checked a little over a month ago).

But they are all veteran players, good luck finding a noob server

Sarcasm4508d ago

It's going to be Sly 4

nveenio4507d ago

I'm pretty confident it will be something that I'm not interested in...and probably with Move support (since they're announcing pre-holiday). I love Move, but I would love something like Uncharted 3 more than Sly 4 with Move.

doa7664507d ago (Edited 4507d ago )

with Infamous 2, Twisted Metal, Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 2, Sorcery, The Last Guardian, Socom 4, Resistance 3, Motorstorm 3, Virtua Tennis 4, PS Move Heroes and the ICO/SOTC coming out on 2011 it seems highly unlikely that Sony will release Uncharted 3 next year

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sinncross4508d ago

I completely disagree with Jak 4 being a possibility. A this stage, with Uncharted 3 clearly in development: Jak 4 is the last game that could be possible.

I say its Syphon Filter 5 or Uncharted 3.

Lucreto4507d ago

Sony could get another studio to do the game and have Naughty Dog watch over the project.

It would be like Kojima Productions watching over Mercury Steam with Castlevania.

SoSLy4507d ago

Thats what happened with Crash Bandicoot and look where the guy is now. Thats why Naughty Dog doesnt want to give anyone their franchises cause of the fear of it being crappy.

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BrownRanger4508d ago

Warhawk is probably one of the most funnest games I have ever played. It really sucks how not many people still player. Underrated, yes. I really hope the same thing doesn't happen with Starhawk or Warhawk 2. People should go out an buy Warhawk now. Remember, it has dedicated servers!

Neo Nugget4508d ago

Yeah, Warhawk is great. I just got into it for a while back in July. It's seriously underrated.

Pandemic4507d ago

Could you imagine if it was Eight Days.... :O

TheLastGuardian4507d ago

I hope it's Sly 4 but I wouldn't mind an official announcement for Uncharted 3 or the PSP2.

xAlmostPro4507d ago

i hope uncharted 3 is announced but i'd prefer they took 3 years on it and put it out 2012, dunno why.. its just theres already alot of sony exclusives for 2011 already matched with some pretty huge multi's..

we know it's going to be stunning, and uncharted 2 was groundbreaking but still pretty similar to the first.. i'd like them to mindf*ck us lol do something crazy non of us expect, althout saying that i know naughty dog won't release it if its bad either way

Baba-Jii4507d ago

What was the 'top-secret' BBC game? And did it come out in 2009 or is it still unreleased?

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Balt 4508d ago

Syphon Filter is one I'm looking forward to seeing on ps3, if only to see if they can iron out the wrinkles from the past games. I think, in the right hands, the series could really become a staple hit for Sony.

Nitrowolf24508d ago

i hope it's Jak and Daxter or StarHawk.
For UC3 would be nice, but i already know its coming, same with Sly 4 (since the little teaser)
i hope it's something that isn't something people expect but is def worth it.

Balt 4508d ago

See, that's the thing, most people don't think like that here. They want what's known. I'm like you, I know Uncharted 3 is coming. I know we'll get another Metal Gear Game. I know Sony will release another R&C or Resistance game.

Give me something new. Give me something new or give me something from gaming's past we haven't seen in years.

Syphon Filter
Legend of Dragoon
Jersey Devil
Primal 2
Mark of Kri 3
Ghost Hunter 2
Wild Arms

How about Eightdays even?

KillerCucumber4508d ago

Wasn't Eightdays cancelled? I would love to see that game.

ZombieAssassin4508d ago (Edited 4508d ago )

Eightdays and The Getaway were put on hold so Sony could focus on more online oriented games, I hope one of them shows up soon and I would be very happy if what they are planning to show is Eightdays maybe even happier than if it was a Peace Walker port...maybe.

godmoney4508d ago

ooooooo.... Mark of Kri.... interesting :)

blumatt4508d ago

Tomba is a classic. I miss that game. I never bought it, but I played the hell out of the demo. The game is worth quite a bit of money now if anyone's got a copy.

Odin7774508d ago

After Alundra 2 I don't know if I can handle another. Wild Arms on the other hand would be amazing.

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TheLastGuardian4507d ago (Edited 4507d ago )

Uncharted 3 and Sly 4 aren't officially official yet but they're most likely coming. That question mark cane under the Sly 4 logo could mean that they're thinking of wether to make the game or not but I think it means they are thinking of a good subtitle.

@BrownRanger #6.1 What do you mean something bigger? Sly 4 is a very highly anticipated game.

All_4_One4508d ago

The speculation is absolutely killing me. There are seriously hundreds different predictions out there, and they could all be just as plausible as the other. I`m not even going to bother making predictions because it could literally be anything.

FiLTHY ESKiMO4508d ago

Grand Theft Auto V - PlayStation 3 exclusive! Now that would be big news. :)

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