Eternal Sonata video preview

Gaming time on it's best this fall, and the 360 is getting a next big RPG: Eternal Sonata.

Gametrailers previews the game in a videopreview. Xboxkings played the demo themselves and they can say this game has a real own feeling and atmosphere to it. With over 40 hours of gameplay and those unique gameplay elements, this is one RPG to watch out for.

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MK_Red4066d ago

The title looks promising but with not so great reviews of Blue Dragon and Enchanted Arms before that, I'm a bit worried, specially considering EGM's review (6/10).

TheMART4066d ago

EGM's review on Blue Dragon you mean?

I'm not so worried about Eternal Sonata, it's totally different compared to Bioshock.

Ah well, if you don't love the PS3 so much, you'll see that even Blue Dragon which got also 7.5 ratings, is even there with many PS3 games, just good. Which is still a good game.

I expect Eternal Sonata to do better, also because of its originality in gameplay and the graphics/atmosphere

kewlkat0074066d ago

what does Blue Dragon and Enchanted Arms have to do with Eternal Sonata?

I actually enjoyed Enchanted Arms, as being the first RPG on the 360, it did fill the void. No it was not FF, not that I'm expecting every RPG to be like FF.

So one minute EGM is being bashed, about it, being biased and pro MS and all that jazz, then the next your actually worried about EGM's reviews?

Stop worrying about EGM and play the games. If it was at least 8 out of 10 Mags giving it sh!tty reviews, then I'd be somewhat worried, but it's not. As an RPG lover, I'm getting this game, as well as for the soundtrack, I'm a VG music geek.

V2oom4066d ago

How are you enjoying waiting for 30 mins to play warhawk?
You could always watch casino royale.

Pete_Approved4066d ago

Sure is, i played it myself and i really love this game :D
a Buyer for sure!!

power of Green 4066d ago

Great game. I wish that fanboy would stop posting first trying to set the tone in every thread. Most likely doesn't even own the 360 yet is in every thread posting nonsense controlling what comes in this site.