Get 150 Mbps for Your Online Gaming Right Now

"Normally I don’t cover stories about internet service providers, but this one is really hard to pass up. Verizon is now offering a faster internet connection through their FiOS service. While it isn’t available everywhere, most large cities do have access to this. Until today you could only get a 50 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload speed through FiOS for $140 per month. Thankfully PC World has reported on an even faster internet connection available to over 3 million Americans."

"You will also download firmware updates for your PS3 faster, instead of waiting 10 minutes to an hour you will download it in a few seconds to a minute. Xbox 360 dashboards updates will be done faster than you press the A button to confirm the download..."

Cody @ VideoGameBlogger

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Balt 2885d ago

In my experience with the PSN and Comcast, can't speak for xbox 360 and live so don't jump the gun and say I'm a fanboy or whatever -- I don't own a 360 nor do I want one.

But I have 100mb comcast service and it does absolutely nothing for my PS3 and download speed. I swear the PSN is capped at no more than 2mb per-second. I've had 10mb service, I've had 16mb service and back in June I got 100mb service and I've never gotten more DL speed than what Sony wanted me to get.

I usually average 1mb a second, and at night that goes to about 2mb per second if it's late enough.

PS3ROCKS2885d ago

I got comcast 30mbps and it goes super fast. It even goes more like 50mbps.

Balt 2885d ago

I can never get more than 2mb out of a PSN download. Now on my PC the downloads are fast. Really fast. But I have the PS3 directly connected and it just never gets there for me. I don't know what it could be. I'm not complaining too much, though. 2mb per second isn't bad when the file is a gig or less.

Beefstew4u2884d ago

I can never get more than 2mbps too.

HeroComplex2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

You could increase your Internet service to 500Mbps and it won't make your PSN downloads any faster. It all depends on how busy the PSN servers are on the day you are downloading. When I download games on days other than the day the PSN is updated, I get close to my maximum download speed (30Mbps). If you download on a busy day, your download will go slow because Sony only has so much upload bandwidth for everyone. Also, some people don't understand that when you download something off the PSN, the status shown is in megabytes per second (MBps) and not megabits per second (Mbps), so it's going faster than they think. ISP's list their speeds in Mbps.

I can't believe so many areas have 100-150Mbps available. My neighborhood just recently went to only 50Mbps. :(

codyodiodi2884d ago

I can only get maybe 20 Mbps but that's using radio wave connections that do nothing for decreasing lag :(

catguykyou2884d ago

I have the max you can get in my area. Its at 15Mbps

Pillage052884d ago

The max in my area is 3mbps. lol. It's painful going from a 15mbps connection at college to 3 where I live now. Part of the price of living in the middle of Kansas I guess.` And I have to pay twice as much for it!

codyodiodi2884d ago

Sony probably has their service capped, or there could just be a lot of people always downloading. I dunno.

sp1deynut2884d ago

...they are lightning fast, and download + install simultaneously. Just one of the many little differences that make XBL worth the $$ for so many gamers. My wife got so fed up with the PS3, that she stopped playing LBP and Pixel Junk Eden, because every time she wanted to play, there was another stupid update, and it would take fooooorrreeeevvvveeeerrrr.

2884d ago
sp1deynut2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

That's not trolling, son...that's just facts. Disagree all you want, but anyone who owns BOTH consoles, knows it's the truth. I was simply responding to sitlab, who said he "can't speak for xbox 360 and live" because he did have/want them. The firmware and game updates on the PS3 are BRUTAL, compared to the 360. The fact that they have to download first...and then you still have to wait for them to a joke. The standard 360 updates (meaning anything other than something like the NXE and Kinect dashboard overhauls), do indeed download and install simultaneously, and are blazing fast. When you play a game that requires an update (which is every game, when it's brand new, this generation), you are prompted to do the update, auto-signed out of XBL, the update downloads/installs, then it reboots the game and auto-signs back in...all in about 15 seconds. Not even PCs can update as fast, because all installs/updates require user input.

garrod2884d ago

I have both machines and I have all my devices hooked up through my Wireless-N router with a 50 Mbps connection from Comcast Cable. And you are correct when you say Xbox Live updates run faster but for me but a few things affect that. First I have the external N adapter for my Xbox which kicked up the wireless speeds ridiculously compare to the old g adapter I had to the point I couldn't even tell the difference when it was plugged up to my hard-line. Second as stated before my machines are all wireless so the PS3 is of course going to be slower since it only has an b/g adapter. However, I don't think PS3 updates are really that bad. I mean when I got Little Big planet a few months back it had to download all the past updates and install and it only took about 15 minutes which I don't think is that bad for the size of everything it downloaded. I'm sure most people will agree when I say the games themselves which include these so called "BRUTAL" updates/patches are most definitely worth the wait :D. Whatever happened to patience and perseverance? lol

maxcer2884d ago

lol you guys disagree with him but he's right downloads on xbl are so much faster. i can get a 700mb demo downloaded and installed in about 10mins. the ps3 on the other hand will take at least twice as long.

2884d ago
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catguykyou2884d ago

Sony caps firmware downloads so no matter how fast your connection is, you will always at the most only download at that capped speed. When you get PSN+ one of the perks is a uncapped download on firmware updates.

MNicholas2884d ago


Whether its 20mbps or 150mbps, it makes absolutely no difference to online gaming.


Why are ads for internet services being allowed on N4G?

turgore2884d ago

Well it makes a difference in downloading games/ movies/demos through your console.

I hope this technology catches will give OnLive a fighting chance.

frostypants2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

The problem is that connection speeds are only as fast as the weakest link.

Most console games are player-hosted, so if the hosting player only has 10mbps, your 150mbps capabilities won't mean squat. And even if you're the host, the netcode for these games will tend to gimp you to level the playing field.

Even *if* the game has dedicated servers, or you're on PSN, the odds of hitting a "weak link" somewhere between your 150mbps line and the destination server are very high.

This country is in serious need of an internet infrastructure overhaul. There is a butt-ton of unused pipeline just lying dormant out there (Google "dark fiber"). Blame the ISPs.

gamingdroid2884d ago

Your online gaming experience is almost entirely independent of your bandwidth. If you have a 2Mbps or 150Mbps is entirely inconsequential unless you max out your bandwidth on something else.

It is the latency that affects your gaming experience i.e. the time it takes for a packet to arrive you and the other gamers. That of course has a lot of variables, but if you are able to get a super fast internet connection most likely you got fiber optics.

Question is, do you got fiber optics all the way to your jack or does it switch to copper along the way?

The best way to eliminate online gaming issues are introducing dedicated servers! Gears of War 3 will have it and I can't wait to play it!!!

STiRacer2884d ago

Im sorry, but you make no sense kid.

catguykyou2884d ago


Gears 2 has it now as well. They made the switch just recently to help test the network in prep for the Gears 3 beta.

garrod2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

My PSN downloads usually average around either 5-6 mb a second. Is your PS3 hooked up wirelessly or wired? Cuz several things could be the issue if it is wireless you have to make sure you open all the ports for PSN on your router or your own router will throttle the speeds. I had this problem until I did that then everything was smooth sailing since. Btw my PS3 is on the opposite side of the house from my router on the lower floor :)

maxcer2884d ago

its not our network that is the bottleneck its psn

ChickeyCantor2884d ago

It also depends on your settings.
Firewall policies and such.

If you are capt at 30mbps you can't go over that.
Unless your provider has some serverice that dynamically changes the upload/download speed.

I'm currently on 20mb/s = 20/8 = 2.5 mb/s download speed.
I dont mind 150/8 = 18,75 mb/s;

Lazyeye792884d ago

Agree. Sony should fix this at least for PSN+. When I downloaded the AC:Brotherhood demo it took nearly 3 hours.

Completely ridicules.

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SmokexFFx2884d ago

Verizon, get your a$$es up north already, I gotta deal with Bell and Rogers.

jakethesnake2884d ago

Seriously! What's worse than Bell and Rogers? Everyone I know has a horror story about either Bell or Rogers (often both).

But for me - I'm with Bell because years ago Rogers would cut off my internet after I had used my "allotted bandwidth" for the month. Of course, they didn't tell me how much I got each month, when the month started, or how much I had actually used - nope, they just disconnected the internet. Clearly, I'm still bitter....

So yeah - Verizon! Bring it!

turgore2884d ago

I used to have a local internet company here. It was cheap, fast and had unlimited bandwidth.
The rogers bought them... increased my bill, imposed a 60GB internet usage limit and gave me a shitty router that has to be reset every day b/c my internet just disconnects.
I hate them.

FinalomegaS2883d ago

idk if Rogers is any better than Videotron in Quebec...

but that is retarded expensive... fast... but obviously not avail everywhere in the city.

xg-ei8ht2884d ago

I got killzone3 beta from india and i'm in london, took

Neko_Mega2884d ago

We got Cox Cable and they do 55MBps, which really is all I need, do to the fact that some websites I go to don't support anything higher then 30MBps (Which is pretty lame).

Mostly need it for my PS3 and 360 gaming.

branchedout2884d ago

ISPs are turning into the Digital Camera wars.

Let's churn up those download speeds (churn up the megapixels!),
but completely disregard latency/ping (completely disregard pixel desnity/quality)!

Aside from downloading updates/patches, which is what you do maybe 5% of the time of playing, you really don't need more than 4 megs of good download speed to play online. It's all in the ping.

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