Live Arcade Wednesdays continue

Live Arcade Wednesday's are set to continue thanks to the success of the last few weeks. If you log on today, you'll find, well some Cloning Clyde gamer pictures. MS also announced that Texas Hold 'Em will arrive next week (August 23rd) for free. However, you'll have just 48 hours to download the game before it returns to 800 Microsoft points.

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willud4skins4540d ago

texas holdem is free! thats awesome. i wouldnt be downloading it otherwise.

Schmitty074540d ago

I guess that 48 hours free time is a way to reward all of us nerds who are always up to date with video game stuff.

LK4540d ago

cant go wrong with free

Liverpool4ever4540d ago

wasent texas hold em supposed to come out today????????? wtf??? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa