Blitz CEO: 'Move Not As Radical As Kinect'

NowGamer: Blitz Games boss, Philip Oliver, thinks that Microsoft has taken a bolder step with Kinect than Sony has with PlayStation Move...

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BrianG3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

I'll be honest, even thought it has been done before, the idea of controller free gaming, MS have taken a bolder step. Or should I say bigger risk. Since a depth sensor hasn't been used yet for 3D tracking in games.

I actually played Kinect recently, and I have to say its not terrible when playing games. But for me Move still performs better, like its intended to. I just wish MS would have upped the input speed of Kinect, from 30FPS to maybe 60FPS. The lag is just too noticeable for me, but I still have fun most of the time, so its not a complete failure for me. And about the input speed, the Video Kinect gives me a headache, way to blurry when moving. Just that one thing in my mind kept Kinect from being better than Move for me.

FlatulentGhost3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

The 'idea of controller free gaming'?

Huh? The reality of controller free gaming has been around for 7 years now with the PS2 EyeToy.

BrianG3759d ago

haha, I apologize, I meant exactly what you said.

Guess I just worded it weirdly.

karl3759d ago

sure.. the idea has been around for a long time

but i dont think sony released the eyetoy thinking "oh this is going to make me millions"

it was just an accessory ... MS really did launch kinect as a new complete console..

the marketing made it known all over the world... wether u like kinect or not u know what it is...

i honestly never heard of the eye toy until Ms show NATAL....

so yeah.. its bolder cuz its riskier..

its confusing actually Ms doesnt tend to be innovative, they tend to follow cuz its cheaper..

they took the risk this time and i think they make a mistake... just my Honest O

OhReginald3759d ago

And 17 years ago we had this...

KotC3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

So eyetoy tracked objects in a 3D space using infrared and had face and voice recognition? News to me I thought it was just a webcam.

ManGastaS3759d ago

Cof... cof... Dreameye was here first!!!

ManGastaS3759d ago

Dreameye was here first

Ju3759d ago

The PSEye has a four mic array, which means it can do noise cancelation and you can put it next to the TV without getting a crazy feedback loop. And yes, it does voice recognition and face tracking. And no it doesn't do infrared nor does it have a 3d sensor, but scans information in 3d space.

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8-bit3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

I agree they are taking a bold step for several reasons. First off it was bold of them to act like they are the first to introduce this kind of gaming. It is also bold because with limited input options, there are serious limitations to what can be done with kinect and what game types we will see.

Move is more accurate, more input options and can do almost any game type you can find using regular controller and even kinect style motion gaming. You can nit pick and argue the differences between the two devices all day but in the end Move is capable of much more and kinect is in it's own right a different experience. They both have pros and cons but as a gamer, I chose the one with games.

I always love this video too.
Proves just how bold MS really is

Linzoid3759d ago

@8-bit, that video just proves that Microsoft really need to up their game if they want to prove that Kinect is not just an updated Eyetoy.

Sarcasm3759d ago

You're missing the point 8-bit. While most people are looking to enhance and improve upon gaming controllers giving gamers more precision and control, Microsoft is taking the bold approach of going the other direction bass ackwards.

stuna13758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Another article by someone hob gobbling on microsoft nuts!

Someone always talking about the risks microsoft took, please the only risk I see microsoft taking is trying to convince so many people about a product that their sure that they have seen before, that they really haven't seen it before! And get away with it! That innovation I hear so many screaming on about, where is it?

As I recall kinect is microsofts baby, only in name! Because it isn't even their technology ! It's the company that they were so quick to buy up, just in the chance that the motion technology would actually be feasible.
Even though their competitors had already rejected it applications to the gaming arena! But I guess coming late to the party, is better than not coming at all.
Everyone knows that microsoft are not innovators in any of the areas that they operate in, be it OS, Phones, Tablets, or kinect! But I will give them this credit! They have made improvements in alot of those areas I mentioned.

nycredude3759d ago

I could care less about Controller free gaming, unless i can hook something up to my head and just use my brain to play.

I mean seriously how the fvck are we supposed to play a real game with Kinect!?

punkpop1013759d ago

What does lag has to do with the fps?That's a completely different think.Will complain on the cinema because you get 30 and not 60fps?Do know of a camera that captures you at 60 frames per second?

KrazyFace3758d ago

Strickers is right, the PSEye has a 50 and 60fps options.

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visualb3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

I agree brianG, kinect is a greater risk...

but it being a risk and being bold shouldn't make it get extra points

it shouldn't be getting praise because "it works"

all hardware should work if its on sale...

then again, Nintendo softened/tried the market before anyone. its thanks to nintendo that both move and kinect can succeed, nintendo took the real big risk (especially basing their whole console on the device)

stuna13758d ago

Exactly, Wii actually made the hole in the market! Move and Kinect are just widening it!

3758d ago
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jimmins3759d ago

Agree Kinect is the bigger risk, but also think it has hit the market without realising it's potential - at least Move can clearly be applied to existing games as well as emerging ones. Kinect doesn't seem to know what it's good at.

gamingdroid3759d ago

PS Move is essentially a Wii refinement, so a lot of it's capabilities has been researched on for years since the Wii was released.

Kinect thought is a completely new ballpark. People still don't know, but it has shown some promise even just with the homebrew projects.

Looking forward to see what is coming for Kinect!

TronEOL3759d ago

Move wasn't using Wii as market research, you fool.
They've been working on this since the PS2, and only wanted to bring out something that worked properly.

Rather than bring out a Wii Motion Plus version years down the line.

As for Kinect having promise, I'm not so sure. You may think using your body as a control seems more free, but in reality it's more restricted.

nycredude3759d ago


You won't have to look far to see what is coming for Kinect. Just look back at the catalog for eyetoy for the Ps2 and voila there in the past, you find the future!

The Lazy One3759d ago

"Move wasn't using Wii as market research, you fool.
They've been working on this since the PS2, and only wanted to bring out something that worked properly. "

you'd have to be an idiot to think that the move won't benefit from the existing research into game applications developed for the Wii.

gamingdroid3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Look I'm not here to argue who started what technology since it seems some of you is taking that direction with the discussion.

All this technology, even before Sony, MS or Nintendo researched this it was available in other forms. I don't really give two sh!ts about who did what first. Before Kinect, there was Eyetoy, before Eyetoy there was web cams, before web cams there was cameras....

I only care about if it is being sold, if I can use it and what is coming for it.

With that said, basically everything the Wii is able to do is possible on the PS Move given all the right conditions are there. That is meant as a compliment.

However, Sony in all their infinite wisdom made PS Move too flexible to the point that many games aren't able to reliable expect a certain input mechanism is available hence we see the issues that plague Sports Champion. Ever tried playing archery with one PS Move controller?

Yeah, Nintendo had the foresight to include motion detection in both controllers!

So I take it back. The PS Move isn't a refinement, it is HALF a refinement of the Wii! Technology is good, execution is bad.

In terms of Kinect, it already implemented a lot of what the EyeToy pioneered, but it's potential as a depth sensing camera hasn't really been explored. The homebrew projects are interesting and we will have to wait to see about it's viability as a gaming platform.

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blackburn53759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Just because you boldly step off a cliff doesn't mean it's a better decision.Many 'bold steps' in gaming took a nose dive and the deveopers were confident that it would succeed too. BTW Move's potential has already been shown in demos. Were are the 'no limits' that everyone including developers boasted Kinect didn't have but it can't even do anything that isn't a mini or dance game properly? @ SpideyAl Undersiege is coming out on PSN in December. Try that with a Move Wand

T9X693759d ago

Well it's already sold over a million at $150, that sounds like a good start to me.

TronEOL3759d ago

Actually, after spending over 500 million on advertising it's sort of a terrible number. Especially when every other commercial on TV or in a mall is a Kinect commercial. Not to mention Microsoft is sponsoring Justin Bieber's tour with Kinect and it was all over Soccer-mom TV Shows.

Didn't Move sell around half a million or so with barely any advertising at all?

T9X693759d ago


I never said the sales were great in terms of them spending 500 million on advertising, but it is a good start. Kinect just launched in Europe and Japan not to long ago, so I'm sure after Thanksgiving passes people will start Christmas shopping and sales will go up. I don't see them selling 5 million by the end of the year, but it could happen. Also with Move you have to take in the fact that if you want to play 2 players you need another Move, so that's another sale. Where Kinect is only one sale for 2 players.

The Lazy One3759d ago

So making back 20% of your investment in 1 week before the holiday season burst even hits isn't good?

trounbyfire3759d ago

how is this guy i have never heard of him before

stuna13758d ago

@The Lazy One

What school do you go too? How is 1 million kinect sold equal to 20% of microsoft investment?
Please think before you answer!

The Lazy One3758d ago



so sorry. They made back 30% of their investment.

stuna13758d ago

You fell right into the trap!
So I guess that 500 million covers developmental cost to huh!? What about the monies spent toward the company that actually made kinects? If you really knew what you were talking about you would know that the 500 million was devoted to the advertisement of kinect, and has no bearing on the overall cost of kinect! Remember biggest launch in console history.

snp3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

How on Earth do you figure MS has 100% profit margins?

What, you think materials, production, storage, distribution etc. etc. is all free? And for that matter, that stores take $0/0% profits on the product at RRP?

At best a quarter or a third of the 150 RRP would be profit. At best.

Same goes with the move - although being a physically much smaller item many of the costs in distribution/warehousing etc would naturally be smaller.

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